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Butterfly Sightings for 2009

Including day flying moths

See previous years' sightings here

Date Seen Butterfly Location
11 December Comma Kirkham SD 4132
Comment: Seen by my sister in her garden flying close to woodpile (hibernation spot?). Weather cold but sunny. Caroline Clarke, Sussex Branch cttee member.
8 November Hummingbird Hawk-moth Pennington, Leigh, corner of Hanwell Close and Broadwell Drive. SJ 650 984
16 October Painted Lady Lostock Hall, Preston SD 551259
10 October Speckled Wood Lord Street, Southport
Comment: INSIDE Russell & Bromley shoe shop!
7 October Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell Delphi Factory, Kirkby (SJ425978)
Comment: Whilst visiting factory on business spotted 1 Small tortoiseshell sunning itself on factory wall and 1 red admiral flying over the building.
20 September Speckled Wood x6, Peacock x3, Red Admiral x1 Summit Quarry, Rochdale Canal
20 September Speckled Wood Worsthorne SD 877325
12 September Red Admiral (4no), Painted Lady (4no) Bolton Town Centre - temporary car park in Gt. Moor Street on buddleia SD 718 090
Comment: what a pleasant surprise!!
9 September Purple Hairstreak - single found on Ash tree, Large White - 3, Small White - 2, Brimstone - female, Speckled Wood - 16, Small Tortoiseshell - 2, Red Admiral - 1, Painted Lady - 8 Warton Crag (part) - from small (climbers) car park
9 September Large White - 2, Brimstone - 1 male, Speckled Wood - 50+, Red Admiral - 1, Small Tortoiseshell - 2, Painted Lady - 2, Holly Blue - my first summer brood record anywhere this year. Leighton Moss
9 September Wall Brown Garden at 31 Midge Hall Drive Rochdale
Comment: In 2001 Wall Brown numbers collapsed and they were only to be seen at higher altitude sites in the Rochdale area. My garden is at an elevation of 490 feet asl and in the eight years I have lived here I have not previously seen a WB. There has been another low altitude report last month from Waterfold (Rochdale/Bury boundary). Waterfold was a WB area prior to 2001 and the valley at the bottom of my garden was also a WB area in the 1990s. Is the WB returning to its previous lower altitude sites?
7 September Small Tortoiseshell (6no), Painted Lady (3no), Red Admiral (1no) Southport - adjacent to former sand plant on coast road, red admiral at the back of the RSPB reserve.
31 August Wall and Gren Veined White Worsthorne SD 877325
First Wall I have ever seen in our garden!
7 August Clouded Yellow, Common Blue Green Lane, Heywood, behind Travis Perkins builders yard
Comment: Clouded Yellow tend to be seen in the Rochdale Borough area once every five years, settling from time to time on white clover plants
6 August Purple Hairstreak, Gatekeeper, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Green Veined White
Haughton Dale LNR , Denton. SJ 941940
5 August Painted Ladies,(several), common blue, (many) Sunderland point
comment: I was visiting a friend for the day, from Cheshire, walked around the point. Sunny and warm.
19 July Meadow Brown-100s, Gatekeeper-10+, Painted Lady-3, Speckled Wood-2, Green Veined White-10+, Small skipper-10+, Large skipper-3, Large White-5, Comma-1
Latticed Heath-2, Staw Dot-5, Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet-2, Black neck-1.
Yarrow Valley Nature Park and environs/Chorley.
Sunny day with cloud; organised walk for BC and others - 12 present.
19 July Cinnabar Moth caterpillars
Moth seen 1st June on ragwort invading my garden which I was about to pull up. Now 19/07/09 many plump stripey caterpillars eating the plants.
A natural form of biological control!

Cinnabar Moth caterpillars
Chorlton-cum-Hardy, M21 0GZ
4 July Red Admiral x2, Small White x2, Large White Wycoller, SD 933393
2 July Purple Hairstreak Skitters Wood, Ashton-in-Makerfield, SJ573992
It's mostly in Wigan Council ownership, with some private bits. I saw PH there 2 years ago on the same Oaks, which are in a privately-owned part, but where there is general free and well-used access.
1 July White Letter Hairstreak Spotted around 08.30hrs on an elm tree in a garden in Park Rd, Waterloo, Liverpool L22 3XG
25 June High Brown Fritillary 10+, Dark Green Fritillary 4, Sm. Pearl Border Fritillary 3, Brimstone 1, Speck. Wood 6, Small Heath 1, Lrge White 3, Meadow Brown 3, Brown Argus? 20+, Cinnabar 1, Silvery Y 1, Painted Lady 1. Warton Crag/West side
24 June Grayling
Sheep Enclosure,
Warton Crag LNR
24 June Small Heath, Green Hairstreak Side of Pendle Hill - SD783396
In a small valley, approx. 400 metres up, not far from main path to summit. I actually saw Green Hairstreaks in early May, when I sat within 6 inches of one,and saw a number of others in same location( not sure of exact date).
22 June 8 large skipper, 1 dingy skipper, 36 northern brown argus, 1 small tortoiseshell, 1 brimstone, 3 large white, 6 painted lady, 21 small pearl bordered, 20 high brown fritillary, 7 dark green fritillary, 43 speckled wood, 16 meadow browns, 17 small heath, chimney sweeper, speckled yellow, cinnabar, silver y.
Speckled Yellow
Warton Crag RSPB Area
(Day flying moth)
14 June Large Skipper (3)
Large Skipper
Yarrow Valley Country Park SD 574147
12 June 6 Large Skipper, 49 Northern Brown Argus, 43 Small heath, 24 Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary, 23 Speckled Wood,
Day flying moths:
6 Cinnebar, 9 Anania funebris, 15 Chimney sweeper, 4 Cistus Forester
Cistus Forester
Warton Crag RSPB Area
Photo: Peter Jones
4 June 36 Common Blues, 4 Painted Ladies, 2 Speckled Wood, 2 Large White, 4 Small White.

Painted Lady
River path between SD 341 445 and SD 353 432 (R.Wyre, Thornton)
30 May Speckled Wood, Orange Tip, Painted Lady

Stockport SJ 90_91_
30 May Brimstone (m), Peacock, Orange Tip, Large White, Green Veined White, Painted Lady Alkrington, Middleton SD 86_05_
29 May Painted Lady, Orange Tip (m) Hattersley, Mossley SJ 989953
29 May Painted Lady Haughton Dale LNR, Hyde SJ 938935
26 May Pearl Bordered Fritillary, Duke of Burgandy, Orange Tip

Gait Barrows NNR
26 May Painted Lady, Small Heath Warton Crags
25 May Painted Lady (3) Singleton SD364387
24 May Painted Lady Preston SD513333
11 May Brimstone, Large White, Small White, Comma, Holly Blue, Orange Tip, Pearl Bordered Fritillery, Dingy Skipper, Speckled Wood Warton Crag
11 May Wall Brown Blackburn, BB1 8NN, No.9 (SD679296)
10 May Green-veined White(3), Peacock(2) Sunderland Point
9 May Common Carpet, Speckeled Yellow(2) (Day flying moths) Warton Crag SD 491 733
9 May Red Admiral Three Brothers, Warton Crag SD 494 733
2 May Specked Wood x2, Brimstone x2, Green veined White Gait Barrows NNR
2 May Speckled Wood Prescot Road Ormskirk, SD 410 078
2 May Pearl Bordered Fritillary 1. Green Hairstreak 5. Holly Blue 2 Warton Crag LNR, SD495724
29 April Holly Blue, Large White, Small White, Speckled Wood Garden, Radcliffe, M26 3XQ
26 April Pearl-bordered Fritillary(3), Green Hairstreak (26), Speckled Wood (17), Orange Tip (4) Warton Crag LNR, SD495724
22 April Green Veined White Worsthorne, Burnley
20 April Orange Tip, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Small Tortoishell, Green Veined White , Large White Stockport SJ 90. 91.
20 April Holly Blue Garden, Warton, SD502725
20 April Green Hairstreak (3), Speckled Wood (3), Orange Tip (4), Peacock, Brimstone Warton Crag LNR, SD495724
19 April Belted Beauty (300+) a day flying moth Sunderland Point, Nr. Heysham
19 April Holly Blue Prescot Road Ormskirk, SD 410 078
18 April Orange Tip (few), Peacock, Speckled Wood Darcy Lever Gravel Pits, Bolton SD 745 078
18 April Orange Tip, Peacock, Speckled Wood, Pair of Small Tortoishell mating Denton SJ 93. 96
17 April 1xWhite, 1xOrange Tip (m) Ribble Way SD745442-746442 (VC60)
17 April 1-2xWhite;1-2xPeacock Ribble Way SD754444-745440 (VC59)
17 April Green Veined White (3), Orange Tip (2 m), Large White (single) Houghton Dale LNR, Hyde SJ 940 937
15 April Speckled Wood and Comma Yealand Hall Allotments, Silverdale.
13 April Green Hairstreak Dunsop Bridge, SD670490
13 April Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell (3) RSPB Reserve, Southport
12 April Orange Tip garden, Quernmore, Lancaster
12 April Brimstone (m), Large White Alkrington, Middleton SD 865 053
11 April Holly Blue Preston SD513333
5 April Comma Duckinfield SJ 935963 & Stockport SJ 903915
2 April Small Tortoiseshell Preston SD606373
2 April Comma, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell Alkrington, Middleton SD 865 055
2 April Comma, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White Garstang.SD 486458
20 March Peacock Houghton Dale LNR SJ 942938
20 March Peacock, Comma Prescot Road Ormskirk, SD 410 078
19 March Peacock (2), Small Tortoiseshell, Comma Preston SD513333
19 March Small Tortoiseshell (2) Houghton Dale LNR, Hyde SJ942938 & SJ940935
19 March Brimstone (M) and Peacock Cycle track, Scale Hall, Lancaster - SD464624
17 March Brimstone Old Hall Cottages, Silverdale, LA5 0RW, SD464 756
17 March Brimstone Crag Road footpath, Warton. SD 495 724
17 March Comma Gait Barrows NNR, Silverdale
17 March Small White Forton - SD487514
16 March Brimstone (F) Lancaster
16 March Comma Bolton SD733085


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