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Butterfly Sightings for 2014
Including day flying moths

See previous years' sightings here

Date Seen Butterfly Location Seen By
30 November Red admiral Aughton, Ormskirk SD40097 06263
Comment: Butterfly on a south east facing wall at 11.00am this morning. I have a photo taken on my phone.
Janice Sheel
24 November Peacock Roby Mill SD515070 Phil Barnett
18 November Red Admiral Lancaster SD475629 Tom Dunbar
10 November Red Admiral Back Garden SD 403 089
Comment: Feeding on a Viburnum shrub
Brian Jones
9 November Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral Lancaster SD475629
Comment: Nectaring on Bowles' Perennial Wallflower and Verbena Bonariensis in my town front garden.
Tom Dunbar
5 November Tortoiseshell Rivington, Lancashire SD652120 John Hickey
29 October Peacock Squire Anderton's Wood, Grimsargh SD559335 John Hickey
18 October red admiral laneshawbridge sd15/407 peter macro
16 October Red Admiral,Painted Lady Liverpool City center SJ35305
Comment: I saw one Red Admiral and a Painted Lady on wasteland behind the Adelph Hotel.
Howard Macaulay
11 October Red admiral X 2, small copper X 2, small tortoisehell Longton: SD474250
Comment: All in good condition, sunny afternoon ST and SC sharing thistles with goldfinches eating thistle seeds
Bob Crawford
10 October Wall Brown Pilling Lane Ends amenity area SD 4941
Comment: It was in pristine condition and flitting between dandelions in the bright sunshine.
Andrew Cornall
10 October Red Admiral 5+ Bolton Castle, Rivington SD628130
Comment: At least 5 on flowering ivy
mike horwood
2 October Small Copper, Speckled Wood, Red Admiral Sunny Bank, just NE of Dean Clough Reservoir SD723339
Comment: Sunny day, breezy but warm; one Small Copper basking on path. This is the only spot, in and around Whalley Nab, where I have seen this butterfly over the years. Still dozens of Speckled Woods about,along with the occasional Red Admiral.
David Holden
30 September Speckled Wood 3, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Comma 4, Broomhill nr Whittle Fold Heywood/ Middleton boundary SD841078
Comment: CO &SMT on Michaelmas Daisy
G Ashworth
27 September 1 common blue, 2 red admiral, 4 large white Longton SD474250
Comment: Pleasant surprise to see common blue so late in year
Bob Crawford0
24 September Comma Lytham St Annes SD 330 302 Robert Harrison
22 September Humming bird hawk moth Chorley SD 59419 17811
Comment: Spotted about 16:30 feeding on Honesty lanuria.Only second time that I have seen one in England.
P Coyle
21 September 1 painted lady, 3 comma, 4 small copper, 3 speckled wood, 10 small tortoiseshell, 2 large white Longton SD474250 Bob Crawford
16 September Red Admiral, Speckled Wood, Comma My Back Garden Westhoughton SD 652 055
Comment: Since the 8th Sept Red Admirals have been in my garden nearly every day, exception being only when the weather was cloudy, a couple of them have been Comma Hutchinson/Red Admiral ab-biabata
Maria Pilling
16 September small tortoiseshell,comma,red admiral wigan SD 567 013 i wakefield
15 September Clouded Yellow (2), Red Admiral (2), Comma (1), Green-veined White (2), Large White (1), Speckled Wood,- many, Beautiful China-mark moth (2) Brockholes Wetlands Reserve SD588 306 leslie price
13 September 38 speckled wood Healy Dell, Rossendale SD880162
Comment: mostly counted in one area near Spring Mill Reservoir
Kevin Lister
11 September Hummingbird Hawk-Moth 1 My Garden Heywood. SD845106
Comment: ON Verbena bonariensis
G Ashworth
10 September Male Common Blue 1, Meadow Brown 1 Ainsdale Nature Reserve PR8 3QW John Cobham
10 September 2 Red Admirals, 1 small tortoiseshell, 1 comma Ormskirk, Lancashire SD423 083
Comment: All seen at once on Verbena Bonariensis in garden
Susan Robinson
8 September Speckled Woods (many), Small Whites x 2, Small Tortoiseshell x1, Red Admiral x1 Lancashire: SD 63 37 G. Holden
7 September small tortoiseshell x 50, small white x 40, small copper x 2, speckled wood x 24, red admiral x 3, comma x 1, my garden in Longton SD 474 250
Comment: Small tortoiseshells feeding on latge patch of thistles in wild part of our garden, all in good condition. Warm and sunny afternoon.
Bob Crawford
7 September 2 clouded yellow, 3 common blue, 3 speckled wood, 2 peacock, 4 small copper, 2 green veined white Futures Park, Bacup, Rossendale SD865218 Kevin Lister, John Hallsworth & Peter Fyldes
7 September Clouded Yellow Waterloo Street, Bolton SD723100 John Wood
4 September Small Tortoiseshell 1, Common Blue, Southport Dunes SD 300 12
Comment: The Tortoiseshell was not in bad condition, the common Blue were quite worn.
Maria Pilling
2 September Buff tip moth catterpillars Leyland SD 545 221
Comment: caterpillars defoliating a small 4ft oak tree in a front garden as I walked past on 2 days
Bob Crawford
2 September Small Copper 9, Speckled Wood 2, Wall Brown 26, Greenbooth Quarry (west) Norden, Rochdale SD 854156 G Ashworth
2 September Peacock 9, Comma 2, Small Copper 2, Small Tortoiseshell 5, Speckled Wood 3, Green Veined White 2, Rainshore, Norden, Rochdale SD 853154
Comment: All on Creeping Thistle
G Ashworth
31 August Peacock Butterfly Haslingden SD 791 221 Chris Rouine
30 August Red Admiral, Small White Stanley Park, Anfield, Liverpool SJ362933 Paul Busby
30 August Red Admiral, Speckled Wood, Small White My Garden Westhoughton SD 652 055 Maria Pilling
30 August clouded yellow, red admiral, small copper X 2, green veined white, small white X 10, speckled wood X 6, small tortoiseshell l My garden Longton SD474250
Comment: First clouded yellow I have ever seen in my garden. Was feeding on bird's foot trefoi
Bob Crawford
28 August Dark green Fritilary, Brimstone, Grayling Gaits Barrow SD 473 774 Maria Pilling
28 August Scotch Argus , Small Blue Arnside Knot
SD 456 774
Maria Pilling
27 August Peacock Yew Tree Cemetery, West Derby, Merseyside SJ417928
Comment: Basking on gravestones
Paul Busby
27 August Clouded Yellow Harwood SD749122
Comment: On Thistle flower.
John Wood
24 August Clouded Yellows x 4 , common blue, small tortoiseshell, speckled woods, small whites Path along river Lune near Salt Ayre SD452618 Laura Sivell
23 August Clouded Yellow ( 2 ) , Red Admiral , Peacock ,Common Blue , Small Coppper , Speckled Wood , Meadow Brown, Hic Bibi , Coppull SD567 126 John Cobham
23 August Red Admiral's 3, Small Tortoiseshell's 2 My Back Garden, Westhoughton SD 652 055 Maria Pilling
22 August Clouded Yellow Warton Crag SD 4913 7252 Linda & Arthur Pennington
20 August Small Copper,Common Blue, Small White, Green Veined White Hall-Lee-Brook Westhoughton SD 659 060
Comment: The Small Copper was in good condition,the CB a bit worn, The GVW's were Mating only saw about two Copper's.
In my last posting I may have put Small Blue instead of Common Blue, (put it down to age)
Maria Pilling
18 Red Admiral,Peacock,Small Tortoiseshell,Small White My Back Garden, Westhoughton SD 652 055 Maria Pilling
18 August : 6 Speckled Wood, 2 Small White, Peacock, Small Copper, Meadow Brown
Bolton East SD7209 & 7210 John Wood
18 August 84 small copper, 1 red admiral, 1 small tortoiseshell, 4 peacock, 3 small skipper, 8 meadow brown & 14 green veined white Clough Bottom Reservoir, Rossendale SD847268
Comment: the highest count I've had for small copper locally by some distance
Kevin Lister
15 August Scotch Argus, Painted Lady, Brimstone, Common Blue,SM White Arnside Knot SD 456 774 Maria Pilling
15 August 1 Small White, 3 Peacock, 2 Meadow Brown, 2 Speckled Wood Myers Allotment SD474750 Archie Simpson
15 August Painted Lady 1 Rochdale, (Broadhalgh) SD 872127
Comment: First of the year in this area
Richard Greeenwood
14 August 4 Meadow Brown, 3 Speckled Wood, 1 Wall, 1 Grayling, 2 Large White Jack Scout, Silverdale SD458738 Archie Simpson
11 August Painted Lady Lymewood Country Park Haydock SJ 970 568
Comment: This is the first Painted Lady I have seen since 2009, the year of the great invasion.
George Anderton
Comment: 3.40 PM
9 August 1 speckled wood Clough Head (SD752232) Kevin Lister
9 August 1 wall Heap Clough (SD765232) Kevin Lister
9 August 44 small skipper, 80 green veined white, 4 small copper, 2 red admiral, 8 small tortoiseshell, 5 peacock, 1 comma, 21 gatekeeper & 22 meadow brown Calf Hey Reservoir, Grane, Rossendale SD754224 Kevin Lister
9 August 1 White letter hairstreak, 1 comma Mill End, Waterfoot, Rossendale SD836222
Comment: white letter hairstreak found alive at 9am this morning on the roadside in windy conitions 60 yards from the nearest elm tree
Kevin Lister
9 August Red Admiral 27,Peacock 30,Small Tortoiseshell 4,Small White 3,Large White 1,Comma 1 Coppull,Chorley,Lancashire. SD567139
Comment: All these sightings were on a buddlea tree in my garden over a 10-15 minute period.
malcolm farrimond
7 August Red Admiral (3), Green veined White (5), Small Copper (1), Peacock (5), Small Tortoiseshell (4), Meadow Brown (2), Gatekeeper (5). Sunnyhurst Moorland Edge, Darwen SD680223 Mark Jarrett
5 August Gatekeeper 3, Small Copper 2, Peacock 1, Meadow Brown 3, Green Veined White 2, Small Skipper 2, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Wall Brown 13, Greenbooth Quarry (west) Norden Rochdale. SD854156
Comment: Cloudy, Cool, and Breezy conditions.
Gavin Ashworth
4 August Small Skipper, Peacock, Common Blue, Grayling,Wall Southport Dunes SD 300 12 Maria Pilling
4 August speckled wood Norden, Rochdale 386 414
Comment: Landed on hand in garden, had been feeding from honeysuckle
Sarah Mazuruk-Sladen
4 August Peacock 27, Small Tortoiseshell 6, Red Admiral 2, Common Blue 12,Meadow Brown 5, Small Copper 2,Small Skipper 6, Comma 2, Large White 1, Small White 1 Sefton Street Heywood. SD863101 Gavin Ashworth
4 August comma, peacocks, red admiral laneshawbridge sd915/407
Comment: 1st comma seen in my garden on budlia
peter macro
3 August Red Underwing Moth Royton, Oldham SD907 076
Comment: Not very common in these parts, I have read
Ann Tattersall
31 July Grayling Crosby SJ3129
Comment: A late afternoon arrival on my suburban back garden buddleia. First record ever for garden
Philip Collins
30 July Gatekeeper 20, Small Skipper, Meadow Brown 20+ Harwood SD7512 John Wood
28 July Comma 1, Red Admiral 1, peacock 15 Banks, Southport, Lancashire SD4313422482 Lisa Mahood
26 July 10 red admiral, 1 small copper, 3 common blue, 6 small skipper, 3 comma, 40+ peacock, 50+ gatekeeper, 10 small tortoiseshell, 40+ meadow brown 20+ small white, 10 large white, 10 green veined white My garden Longton SD474250
Comment: First common blue I have seen in my garden first comma's and small copper of the year. Another day of sighting hundreds of butterflies in the garden, the comma's in particular very pristine and bright
Bob Crawford
26 July large white, green veined white, small copper, small skipper, meadow brown, small heath, small tortoiseshell Rochdale SD843166
Comment: I don't think I have ever seen a Small Copper in Rochdale before, and when i clicked on the branch website, there it was under 'species to look out for!
paul ormerod
25 July Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Peacocks (5) Holly Blue and a glorious Brimstone Buddleia in graveyard of St James's Haydock: SJ 563 969
Comment: Brimstone is a very rare sighting around my district.
George Anderton
25 July Small Skipper 44, Meadow Brown 19, Large Skipper 1, Small Tortoiseshell 5, Small White 5, Large White 2, Gatekeeper 4, Small Heath 7, Speckled Wood 4, White- letter Hairstreak 3, Summit Quarry SBI Littleborough, Rochdale. SD948186
Comment: The WLH are on the Wych Elm to the left of the track leading away from the parking area.
Gavin Ashworth
24 July Painted Lady Skerton Lancaster SD475629
Comment: 9am on Verbena Bonensiaris in Lancaster garden.
Tom Dunbar
24 July Small Copper Warton, Carnforth. SD 502725 Martin Elsworth
24 July Painted Lady, Peacock 32, Red Admiral 7, Small Tortoiseshell 12, Grayling 20+, Gatekeeper 200+, Meadow Brown 100+, Small Copper 3, Common Blue 22, Wall 7, Large White 2, Green-veined White 1, Small Skipper 11 Hightown Dunes SD294010
Comment: First Painted Lady of the Summer.
Pete Kinsella
24 July Brimstone
Liverpool SJ4195
Comment: First sighting for several years in my garden. Attracted to yellow daylilies, although these are not butterfly nectar plants.
Alan Clark
23 July Painted Lady 2 Affetside SD748140
Comment: 2 very faded in fields with many thistles.
John Wood
21 July Wall , Peacock 30+, Grayling 27, Small Skipper 11, Common Blue7, Holly Blue 1,Small Tortoishell 60+, Gatekeeper 200+, Meadow Brown 150+, Speckled Wood 2, Large White 2, Small White 6,Small Copper 2 Hightown Dunes SD294010 Pete Kinsella
20 July gatekeepers 50, large skipper 4, small tortoiseshells 20, large white 39, small white 20th, green veined white 5, meadow brown 15, speckled wood 29, peacock 8, red admiral 4 My garden Longton SD474250
Comment: Had my garden open to public as part of village open gardens and never seen so many butterflies as I saw today, beautiful warm sunny afternoon
Bob Crawford
20 July small heath rainford merseyside WA11 7LF SD 47560 02519
Comment: seen on flowers in my garden
viv sutton
19 July 1 white letter hairstreak, 1 meadow brown & 1 speckled wood Gaghills, Waterfoot, Rossendale SD835222
Comment: new site for white letter hairstreak
Kevin Lister
19 July 10 white letter hairstreak, 1 meadow brown, 1 large skipper & 3 large white Hugh Mill Business Park, Waterfoot, Rossendale SD833218
Comment: white letter hairstreaks very active as the rain stopped around 4 - 4:30pm today. 1 seen several times on a maple
Kevin Lister
18 July white letter hairstreak whalley sd747356
Comment: 1 seen flying round a small elm tree when stop at road works
john hallsworth
17 July purple hairstreak 3 healy dell viaduct sd 88045 16004 Ian Boote
17 July White- Letter Hairstreak 3, Gatekeeper 1, Large White 4, Small Skipper 3, Prettywood Heywood. SD830107 Gavin Ashworth
15 June White Letter Hairstreak 6 Eaves Wood, Silverdale SD567760
Comment: I discovered a likely elm here some months ago. Checked it today at about 3.30 in bright sunshine but no WLH action. Returning as planned at 5.30+ had a different outcome with a flurry of activity at canopy level.I recorded 6 individuals but there may have been more.
Tom Dunbar
15 June Meadow Brown (c.40), Red Admiral (2), Small Tortoiseshell (1), Speckled Wood (2), Large Skipper (3), Small Skipper (2), Gatekeeper (2) Sunnyhurst Moorland Edge and farmland between Sunnyhurst Hey and Earnsdale Reservoirs. Darwen SD680223 Mark Jarrett
15 JUne large white bickershaw wigan sd630021
Comment: One large white hanging around my nasturtiums that I planted for this reason. First one I've ever photographed
steve owen
15 June White-letter Hairstreak, 3 The Key Park, Warren Road, Blundellsands,Merseyside. SJ 304 999
Comment: Three individuals high up on some of the many Elms in this park.
Pete Kinsella
13 June 20 ringlets 15 meadow browns 23 small skippers 12 large skippers 1comma 1tortoishell 14 speckled woods healy dell sd879168 john hallsworth
13 June 3 white letter hairstreak Hugh Mill Business Park, Waterfoot, Rossendale SD833218
Comment: checked this site for 5 years without success until today
Kevin Lister and John Hallsworth
13 June 2 white letter hairstreak, 1 red admiral. 1 speckled wood, 2 large skipper, 1 small skipper, 1 meadow brown Helmshore, Rossendale. (on the old railway line at the back of the textile museum) SD780212 Kevin Lister and John Hallsworth
13 June Small Skipper 2, Comma 3, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Red Admiral 1, Dark Green Frit 1, Grayling 3, Gatekeeper 3, Speckled Wood 4, Meadow Brown 9, Ringlet 4, Purple Hairstreaks Yealand Hall Allotment SD490761
Comment: Purple Hairstreaks clashing on prominent oak on main footpath at 6.20pm. Another singleton located on separate oak 200 metres away. I find this to be thebest time of day when PHstr are most active on a hot sunny day. Attempts to record White Letter at 2 nearby locations was unsuccesful, not for the first time.
Tom Dunbar
13 June large white blackpool SD 309368
Comment: 1st large white[male] of the year!I thought it was extinct in Lancashire!
peter smith
11 July Small White Wave moth Garden Ormskirk SD 403 074 Kath. Holding
8 July ringlets 30+, Speckled Wood 5 foulridge SD 889 414 peter macro
7 July White-letter hairstreak Devonshire Road Rock gardens:, Blackpool SD 317 386
Comment: At least 3 on the wing
Allan Sumner
6 July Dark-green Fritillary (1), Comma (2), Small Skipper (60+), Large Skipper ( 5), Small Tortoiseshell (22), Red Admiral (3), Small Heath (3) , Common Blue (6), Grayling (5), Gatekeeper (28) . Hightown Dunes SD294010
Comment: Another increase in Small Skippers and another very pale specimen, showing features of pallida
Pete Kinsella
2 July Red Admiral Resting briefly in garden, Ormskirk SD403074 Kath. Holding
30 June Grayling 4, Gatekeeper, 7 Small Skipper 30+, Large Skipper 7, Meadow Brown 80+, Small Heath 6, Red Admiral 4. Hightown Dunes SD294010
Comment: Easily the largest count I`ve had of Small Skippers at this site. Interestingly one specimen was a very pale individual showing features of the abberation "pallidiscus".
Pete Kinsella
29 June 3 small skipper, 57 large skipper, 2 small copper, 1 red admiral, 24 speckled wood, 34 meadow brown, 12 ringlet, 2 small heath, 4 narrow bordered 5 spot burnet, 6 latticed heath, 1 magpie moth Spring Mill Res/ Healey Dell, Whitworth, Rossendale SD875172 Kevin Lister
29 June 2 White Letter Hairstreak Brockholes SD 588 306
Comment: Nice to see them re-appear in 2014. Plenty sightings at Brockholes in 2013. No sightings in 2012.
les price
25 June 5 male common blues +1 large skipper+1meadow brown bacup sd865218 mr j hallsworth
25 June hummingbird hawkmoth padiham,lancashire Sd 792 334
Comment: saw this creature feeding on my hanging basket plants,quite amazing to watch.
malcolm forrest
24 June Grizzled skipper Urmston meadows SJ 73677 93715
Comment: Warm sunny day, light breeze seen feeding on brambles and unidentified clover like plant. Lots of Six-spot Burnets also seen. Site is reclaimed land, believe it used to be a tip.
Claire McAllen
24 June Large Skipper 2, Northern Brown Argus 3, Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary 3, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Peacock larvae, Red Admiral 1, Grayling 1, Speckled Wood 6, Meadow Brown 10, Ringlet 8, Small Heath 2 Warton Crag SD495726 Tom Dunbar
23 June Gatekeeper Heysham Nature Reserve SD406600
Comment: An early first record, 3 weeks earlier than last year!
Steve Ryder
23 June mall Skipper (4), Large Skipper (9) Dibb Lane, Little Crosby, Merseyside. SD312010
Comment: The Skipper`s were counted along a 100m stretch of trackside vegetation.
Pete Kinsella
23 June Meadow Brown 6, Large Skipper 4 Pilling Sands( Recreation) Parking SD 411 493
Comment: My first sighting of Meadow Brown this year
Maria Pilling
22 June common blue Mill End, Waterfoot, Rossendale SD836222
Comment: 1 female seen on derelict land at the junction of booth Road and Burnley Road East. A first for this site
Kevin Lister
22 June large skipper 85, brimstone 1f, green veined white 25, common blue 3m, small copper 4, red admiral 1, painted lady 1, small tortoiseshell 2 plus 1 lot of caterpillars, peacock 1 lot of caterpillars, speckled wood 23, meadow brown 65, small heath 20, narrow bordered 5 spot burnet 50, cinnabar 2, blood vein 1 Cheesden Bridge to Deeply Vale, Rossendale: SD825147 Kevin Lister and John Hallsworth
22 June Small Heath 10+ Peel Monument Harcles Hill (Holcombe Hill), Lancs SD 775 172
Comment: Warm sunny still day. Lots of small heath butterflies, more than 10 seen today
Angela France
21 June Speckled Wood (c.12), Large Skipper (2), Large White (1), Red Admiral (1) Sunnyhurst Moorland Edge, Darwen SD680223 Mark Jarrett
21 June humming bird hawk moth Rawtenstall sd816227
Comment: seen inside Rolands florist
j hallsworth
21 June Dark-green Fritillary, Small Skipper( 4), Large Skipper( 11), Meadow Brown (30+) Hightown Dunes SD294010
Comment: D-G Fritillaries are occasional visitors to this site from the main local population further north at Formby.
Pete Kinsella
20 June Small Copper 1, Large Skipper 15, Small Tortoiseshell 1 Hall-Lee-Brook Westhoughton SD 659 060
Comment: The first time I've seen a Small Copper at HLB.
Maria Pilling
21 June Large Skipper, Small Heath, Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood, Green Veined White Dean Clough Reservoir SD 71931 32886 Matthew Clay
19 June Sm Pearl bord frits,10s; common blue 1, sm. heath 1, wall brown 3. Arnside knot SD 456774
Comment: Sunny and warm
James Hide
19 June Large Skipper 7, Small Heath 4 High Peak, Littleborough SD 956164
Comment: Large numbers of Small Heath and a few Large Skippers to be seen by taking the road south from High Peak towards Whittaker Golf Club once you get clear of the fields and out on to the moor.
Richard Greenwood
19 June Meadow Brown 2, Common Blue 4, 5-spot Burnet 12 Sefton Street, Heywood SD 863101 Richard Greenwood
18 June Large Skipper 2, Latticed Heath 4 Sefton Street, Heywood SD 863101 Richard Greenwood
18 June Hummingbird Hawkmoth Elmsfield Avenue, Norden, Rochdale SD865143
Comment: Seen in the garden,early evening, on Red Valerian.
Steve Brown
18 June Red Admiral 1, Large Skipper 13, Green Veined White 2, Meadow Brown 15, Peacock 1, Speckled Wood 12, Common Blue 6, & Silver Y, Cinnabar . Chimney Sweeper, Latticed Heath, N/B 5 Spot Burnet Moths. Birtle Church Wood & adjacent Quarry Nr Heywood. SD827123 Gavin Ashworth
18 June orange tip+3large skippers lumb, rossendale sd83626
Comment: orange tip a bit on the late side
j hallsworth
126 June Grayling, 2 Northern Brown Argus, Small Pearl Bordered Frit Gaits Barrow, SD 478 774
Maria Pilling
16 June Hummingbird Hawk moth Goosnargh SD574373
Comment: So far 9 batches tortoiseshell larvae and two peacock batches on local nettle beds.
James Hide
13 June Cinnibar Blackpool SD334433 Leslie Ridings
12 June Red Admiral 1, Large Skipper's 4, Common Blue, 2 Hall-Lee Brook Westhoughton SD 659 060
Comment: It's the first time I've seen a Common Blue at HLB
Maria Pilling
12 June painted lady, specked wood Rossendale SD836246 J Hallsworth
11 June White Ermine moth Shireburn country park, Clitheroe SD 726 420
Comment: Found by our 4year old Grace, picture taken by her mum
John Billington
10 June Painted Lady Knotts drive Colne , Sd 833 493
Comment: Fast low flying single butterfly ,, travelling due North ,, pristine individual
Kevin Singleton
10 June Large Skipper 3 Hall-Lee-Brook Westhoughton SD 659 060
Comment: My first sighting of the year.
Maria Pilling
9 June Painted Lady Skerton Lancaster SD46
Comment: Amazed by this sighting in my newly planted front garden!
Tom Dunbar
8 June 1 common blue,4 speckled wood,3 small skippers Lady Mabel Wood Greater Manchester SD 92079 Kath. Holding
6 June Small Pearl Border Frit, Common Blue, White spotted Sable Moth Gaits Barrow, SD 478 774
Comment: I saw the SPBF, near the gate where the Flower meadow is. The moth was near the Dukes
Maria Pilling
6 June Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary 6 Warton Crag SD495726
Comment: 6 Sm PB seen including a mated pair. All positively identified. No Pearl Bd seen.
Tom Dunbar
1 June Peacock 4, Common Blue 8,6m, 2f, Brimstone 1m, Small Copper 1, Large Skipper 1, Cinnabar Moth 4, Broomhill , Nr Whittle Fold, SD842076 Gavin Ashworth
1 June brimstone 1 male, small white 1,green veined white 15, orange tip 2 male and 1 female, red admiral 1, small tortoiseshell 2, small copper 6, wall brown 12, speckled wood 1, cinnabar 8 Fletcher Bank Quarry SD803168 Kevin Liste
31 May Large Skipper Hightown Dunes SD294010
Comment: First of year.At least 3 weeks earlier than last year.
Pete Kinsella
31 May ainted Lady, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown Central Drive garden, Blackpool SD311354 Stuart Meredith
29 May Clouded Border Hazelhurst Woods, Turton SD728146 Gordon Wyse
26 May Pearl Bordered Fritillary (4), Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary (2) Warton Crag SD492727
Comment: Gently east sloping area, Beacon Breast (?) - once sun was out, several fritillaries on wing; definite IDs on several, including a couple of SPBFs based on over/underwing
Simon Fenner
26 May Duke of Burgundy (M) Gait Barrows - 'central' roped off area SD484774 Simon Fenner
26 May Pearl B Frit 5, Dingy Skipper7, Small Heath3, Brimstone 4,GreenHS2 Gaits Barrow SD 473 774
Comment: The weather was cloudy at first, then just after lunch the sun came out and so did the BF'. The PBF were very active on Bugle.
Maria Pilling
21 May Brimstone (1) Littleborough, Unnamed road near Fothergill & Harveys cricket ground SD949174
Comment: Brimstone very rare in the Rochdale area.
Richard Greenwood
21 May Small Tortoiseshell 8, Small Copper 1, Orange Tip 4, (males) Green Veined White 3, Mother Shipton moths 4, Fordoe Farm area Overtown Lane, Higher Naden, Norden,Rochdale SD850155 gavin ashworth
21 May Green Veined White 4, Small Tortoiseshell, 1, Wall Brown, 47, SmallCopper, 11,Mother Shipton Moths, 5. Greenbooth Quarry West and environs, Naden Valley, Norden, Rochdale SD854156
Comment: Difficult access to the quarry area.
gavin ashworth
21 May Small White 1, Common Blue 1(male), Green Veined White 2, Sefton Street, Heywood SD863101 gavin ashworth
21 May wall, common blue former sand plant near RSPB Reserve, Southport SD352206
Comment: 2no male common blue near RSPB reception, 1m/1f wall together with 1 male common blue at the seaward end of the sand plant. Just to add to Maria's record of the same date.
Steve Smith
21 May Common Blue, Speckled Wood Mere Sands Southport SD 580 406
Comment: The Common Blue were in the flower meadow there and with the Meadow being fenced off rather difficlut to film. Hope again the Ref is right.
Maria Pilling
21 May Wall 2 Marine Drive Old Sand Quarry/ behind Bird Marsh Southport SD 357 210
Comment: I hope this Grid Ref is Right there's not much to go on, on the map. The Wall were at the Entrance to the old Sand Quarry, Wagons used to bring Sand up from the beeches to the mill there.
Maria Pilling
21 May Common Blue, Small Heath , Small Copper Ainsdale Dunes Southport SD 300 12
Comment: I saw lots of Common Blue and Small Heath but onlt 3 Small Copper
Maria Pilling
18 May 2 Green Hairstreak Boar Clough, Pendle Hill SD799404
Comment: Strong SW wind, but clear sunny sky. Just found a couple of Green Hairstreak in very sheltered areas of bilberry.
Margaret Hughes
18 May 1 Brimstone, 1 male Orange Tip, Green-Veined White Lower Ogden Reservoir, Pendle Hill SD812398 Margaret Hughes
18 May Brimstone x 1, small whitex30, Orange tip x 15 My garden Longton SD474250
Comment: First Brimstone I have seen in my garden. Small whites and orange tips all over the garden all day. Using my Hawthorne hedge to fly along
Bob Crawford
18 May 57 green hairstreak, 2 small copper, 16 small tortoiseshell, 3 peacock , c15 orange tip & c70 green veined white Haslingden Grane Reservoirs and Musbury Heights, Rossendale SD763235
Comment: green hairstreaks seen on whinberry along the path from Ogden Res to Calf Hey Res and on Musbury Heights
kevin lister
18 May Orange-Tip(3),Wall (20+), Comma(1), Red Admiral(1), Peacock(8), Green-veined White (20+), Small White(5), Small Tort(4), Small Copper (1), Common Blue (12), Holly Blue (1), Small Heath (7), Speckled Wood (2) Hightown dunes SD294010
Comment: 13 species here today. First of year Small Copper, Comma and Red Admiral.
Pete Kinsella
16 May Brimstone Bradshaw, Bolton: SD734125
Comment: I'm sure that there must be plenty around but this is the first Brimstone that I've seen in this area
Gordon Wyse
16 May Green Hairstreak, 2, Speckled Wood 2. Lady Lees, Naden Valley, Norden, Rochdale. SD850169 gavin ashworth
16 May Green Haistreak 28. Upper Birchen Holts, Naden Valley, Naden, Rochdale. SD844175
Comment: 7 on the open moorland & 21 in the clough, all on Whimberry(Bilberry).
gavin ashworth
16 May Dingy skipper 7 (pair mating), Duke of Burgundy 4, Green Hairstreak 7, Peacock, Brimstone, Orange tip, Comma, Anania Funebris 11, Speckled yellow, Mother shipton 2 Gait Barrows SD 48 77 N Godden
15 May Wall Brown,12, Small Copper,3, Green Veined White,4. Green booth Quarry West, Norden, Rochdale. SD854156
Comment: Mid afternoon visit around 3pm, cloudy.
Gavin Ashworth
14 May Wall 20+, Common Blue, Small Heath, 4 Emperor Moths Hightown Dunes SD294010
Comment: First of the year Common Blue and Small Heath.
Pete Kinsella
7 May Common Heath, Clouded Silver, White-Pinion Spotted Hazelhurst Woods, Turton SD728146 Gordon Wyse
6 May green hairstreak pendle hill SD 46 83
Comment: circa 20 plus in warm sunshine
peter macro
5 May Wall (4), Orange-Tip (6). Hightown dunes, Merseyside.: SD294010
Comment: First Walls of the year for me.This is one of the few sites where I see them nowadays.
Pete Kinsella
3 May Green hairstreak 37, Peacock 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Green Veined White 3, Upper Birchen Holts, Naden Valley , Norden, Rochdale. SD844175 gavin ashworth
3 May Speckled Wood Hazelhurst Wood, Turton SD728146 Gordon Wyse
3 May min 69 orange tip, c25 green veined white, 24 small tortoiseshell, 7 peacock, 1 small copper Ewood Bridge, Helmshore SD795209
Comment: most of the orange tips were seen in the field between the river and the train line adjacent to the old Mayfield Chicks site.
Kevin Liste
3 May `3 green hairstreak, 5 small tortoiseshell, 2 peacock & 6 male orange tip Hurdles Quarry, Rawtenstall SD822218
Comment: green hairstreaks seen on whinberry. orange tips seen lower down the hillside at Warth
Kevin Liste
2 May Duke of Burgundy x4, 20+ Speckled Wood, 5 Brimstone, 2 Peacock, a Green Haistreak and a Green Veined White Gait Barrows SD 481772
Comment: The Duke's were seen in 3 seperate areas all on the paths between the "taped off areas".
David Webster
2 Mat Small Copper Brockholes, Preston SD 588 306
Comment: First Small Copper reported this year on site...during a warm afternoon.
les price
1 May orange tip low hall hindley wigan SD 610 034 nadine pennington
29 April Grey Birch Hazelhurst Woods, Turton SD728146 Gordon Wyse
29 April Duke of Burgundy (7), Green Hairstreak (5), Brimstone (10), Speckled Wood (7), Gait Barrows SD 481772 Paul West
28 April Duke of Burgundy Gait Barrows SD 481772
Comment: One showed well in the late morning at the regular place.
Keith Mudd
28 April Green Hairstreak 3, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Peacock 1 Off Pedlars Lane Shore Littleborough SD9222169
Comment: GH first recorded at this site in 2013, a single individual. This year three individuals in a south facing area with wimberry and bramble
Richard Greenwood
27 April Bright Line Brown Eyes Harwood, Bolton SD739119 Gordon Wyse
27 April 6 green hairstreak, 5 green veined white, 12m & 1f orange tip, 12 small tortoiseshell, 5 peacock Deeply Vale, Rossendale SD825147
Comment: green hairstreaks seen on gorse
Kevin Lister
25 April Green H/Streak,Peacock,Brimstone,Orange Tip and Green-veined White White Coppice and Healey Nab(Grey Heights) Chorley SD 623 195
Comment: We went back to the gulley near Sharock,W/Coppice and found 4 Green H/Streak in the gulley and a couple on the path on bilberry.Also seen 15+ Peacocks,1 Brimstone and 2 Orange Tips. We went to Healey Nab after and found another 4/5 Green H/Streaks near the summit cairn and the path leading down to the Blue Waters old quarries, and a Green-veined White in the flooded quarry of Blue waters.
Russ Briers
24 April Dingy skipper Warton Crag LNR SD 494723 Brian Hancock
21 April Holly Blue(4), Orange Tip(2), Speckled Wood(8), Peacock(15), Small Tortoiseshell(20+), Green-veined White(5) Hightown Dunes, Merseyside SD 294010 Pete Kinsella
19 April Orange Tips 8, Peacocks 10, Small Whites 4/5. Birkacre (Yarrow Valley), Chorley. SD 574147
Comment: Very windy,but found all the b/f's at the top of the field, in the sun(when it came out) and out of the wind, around the brambles.
Russ Briers
19 April 2 speckled wood, 7 small tortoiseshell, 4 peacock 1 orange tip, 4 small white My garden Longton SD474250
Comment: First speckled woods, orange tip and small whites of year, also 3 green veined whites or large whites but going too fast and never settled for positve ID
Bob Crawford
18 April Peacock 6/7, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Small White 2. Gulley near Sharocks, White Coppice, Chorley. SD 623 195
Comment: We went looking for Green H/S after last years no show(deep snow and bilberries eaten be hunger sheep in April 2013). Beautiful sunny day(Good Friday), the Torts were defending their patch even against the Peacocks who are twice their size. We saw a couple Peacocks showing signs of mating, but alas no G/H/S yet? We will monitor the site.
Russ Briers
18 April Brimstone Chorley SD 600 169 Gary Parsons
18 April Holly Blue, Green Veined White, OT, SW, PC, STS,SW,Comma Hall Lee Brook SD 659 060
Comment: It was great to see so many different BF HLB seems to be getting more popular with BF because of it's sheltered area's
Maria Pilling
18 April Orange tip,6 (males and females).peacock 1,Small tortoiseshell 2 Lady Mabel Wood Greater Manchester SD590080
Comment: Orange tips flying, mating and feeding on Ladies Smock and dandelions.
Kath. Holding
16 April Brimstone (1 male), Orange Tip (7- both sexes), Green-veined White, Comma (1) & Peacock (5) Amberswood Common SBI, Ince nr. Wigan SD6004
Comment: Brimstone & GvW first of 2014 and first Brimstone since 2013
John Gibson
16 April Orange Tip (3 males), Small Tort. (2) & Peacock (1) Amberswood Common SBI, Ince nr. Wigan SD6003
Comment: Orange Tip's my first of 2014
John Gibson
16 April Holly Blue Back garden York Avenue, Crosby SJ3199
Comment: A male and female first brood mating on varigated holly.
Philip Collins
15 April Green Hairstreak, Brimstone Healey Nab Chorley Sd 610 180 Gary Parsons
15 April Green Hair Streak ,Speckled Wood, Brimstone, PC Gaits Barrow SD 478 774
Comment: I don't think the GHS had been out very long they were too easy to photograph
Maria Pilling
15 April Orange Tip (4) Sankey Valley St Helens SJ 534 967 George Anderton
14 April Orange Tip Back Garden, Chorley SD 593 173
Comment: First of the season
Gary Parsons
15 April Brimstone, 7; Orange Tips, 10+; Peacock, 5; Small Tortoiseshell, 20+; Speckled Wood 1. Pennington Flash SJ640990
Comment: Still have not got a decent photo of an Orange Tip, do they ever settle!
On the way back home via Bolton I can honestly say I have never seen so many butterflies on the wing
Archie Simpson
14 April Brimstone 2, Peacock 3, Comma 1, Orange Tip 1 Eaves Wood. SD461760
Comment: Eventually located 'Pepperpot' pavement area. Is the HBF here?
Tom Dunbar
14 April Brimstone 4, Peacock 6, Comma 1 Myers Allotment SD475749
Comment: My first visit. Very impressed with extensive development development work carried out. Looking forward to seeing resulting colonisation by a range pf species. Well done to all involved.
Tom Dunbar
14 April Peacock 2 Trowbarrow LNR, Silverdale SD481758
Comment: Sunny intervals 14 deg. Few nectar plants.
Tom Dunbar
14 April Peacock,1 male Ormskirk SD403 074
Comment: Basking in sun on garden path.
Kath. Holding
11 April Orange Tip 2 Small White2 Hall-Lee-Brook LNR, Westhoughton SD 659 060
Comment: I also saw PC's, STs,Brim Stone. There was only Male OT's and Male Brimstone's
Maria Pilling
11 April Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Comma Warton Crag SD490726
Comment: Moderate conditions but sunny with high of 15deg in sheltered spots. Violets responding well to excellent management
Tom Dunbar
10 April Small Tortoiseshell x5, Peackock x2 My garden Longton SD474250
Comment: First Peacocks that I can confirm this year in my garden.They and Tortoiseshells feeding on dandelions on warm sunny afternoon
Bob Crawford
9 April Green-veined White Sackville Gardens, Manchester SJ 84448 97789
Comment: Was startled to see a Green-veined White flutter by as I sat in Sackville Gardens in the centre of Manchester. Looked quite faded given it must have just hatched out. Conditions were quite cool and blustery, but warm sunshine. Fortunately it landed nearby and I had just enough time to snatch a smartphone photo to confirm I wasn't imagining things.
Dave Coleman
1 April 2 peacock 2 small tortoiseshell and 1 early small white Ormskirk 403 089
Comment: Surprised to see my first white butterfly of the yearso early
Brian Jones
1 April Small Tortoiseshell 6 Peacock 8 My back Garden Westhoughton. SD 652 055
Comment: The weather was hot and the Peacocks were on my Bird Baths, strange they didn't bother with the Flowers much.
Maria Pilling
1 April Brimstone 3, Comma 2, Peacock 10, Small Tortoiseshell 20 Hall-Lee-Brook, Westhoughton. SD 659 060
Comment: It was a lovely day and I was surprised to see a Brimstone at HLB, I'd never seen one there before.
Maria Pilling
1 April 9, Peacock Brockholes wood Preston SD573303 Stephen Frawley
30 March Brimstone Clock Face Country Park St Helens. SJ 537 915
Comment: Two years since I have sighted a Brimstone so I was rather pleased.
George Anderton
30 March 2 wall brown and 3 small tortoiseshell in long grass in garden. Longton, Preston SD474250
Comment: Wall Browns were first I have seen this year
Bob Crawford
30 March Peacock (2), Comma (1), Brimstone (1), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Holly Blue,poss, (1) A Chorlton suburban garden SJ815935
Comment: I was startled to see the small blue butterfly(possibly Holly Blue) cross the garden twice, witnessed also by others. Warm weather, yes, but surely too early for these?

Laura Sivel comments:- It’s a bit early, but after such a mild winter (pupa developing during it) and warm couple of days, it’s not really surprisingly premature. Just hope it finds a friend!

les price
30 March 1 Brimstone Holborn Hill, Ormskirk: SD 402 074
Comment: Flying low over Spring flowers
Kath. Holding
29 March brimstone x1 comma x5 bickershaw wigan SD583055
Comment: The commas were dueling in the air before settling in long grass. The brimstone was seen flitting through the air but didn't land
Steve Owen
29 March Comma(2), Peacock(3), Small Tortoiseshell(1). St Helens SJ 541 972
Comment: All sighted within a few seconds. The Commas alighting after aerial combat.
George Anderton
24 March Red Admiral Yealand Conyers SD5074
Comment: A worn specimen feeding on daphne bhoula, the earliest I have ever seen, must have overwintered here.
Brian Hancock
12 March Small Tortoiseshell 10 Comma 1 Hall-Lee-Brook, Westhoughton SD 659 060
Comment: I actually saw STS Butterflies on Monday 10th and Tuesday11th only the SMT on these dates and at the same Place.
Maria Pilling
11 March Small Tortoiseshell My back garden SD652 055
Comment: I saw three are four on my Wall Flower plants

they were in perfect condition and very quick on the wing I did manage some photo's so I was very pleased

Maria Pilling
11 March Brimstone Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve SD47942 75246
Comment: probably brought out of hibernation by v warm sunshine
Philip Collins
10 March 2 Peacock, Tortioseshell

Brockholes wood Preston SD573303

Stephen Frawley
10 March Small Tortoiseshell. Peacock Ormskirk 403 089
Comment: Both butterflies seen in my back garden on crocus
B jones
10 March Comma (3), Small Tortoiseshell (3), Peacock (1) Brockholes' Preston SD 588 306
Comment: A sudden emergence in the warm temperatures. What a contrast to last year!
les price
10 March Small tortoiseshell Ormskirk SD403074 Kath. Holding
9 March Small Tortoiseshell Bredbury Town centre, SD932920
Comment: Flying alongside main road at 1 p.m. in warm sunshine. My first butterfly of 2014
John Gibson
9 March Peacock Wall of All Saints Building, MMU, Oxford Road, Manchester SJ842971
Comment: Basking high up on the brick wall of the MMU All Saints Library Building, in the warm sunshine, having presumably just come out of hibernation. My first butterfly of the year!
Dave Coleman
9 March Red Admiral Liverpool SJ4195
Comment: First butterfly of the year, flying in warm sun and attracted to crocuses.
Alan Clark
5 March Brimstone (male) Heysham Nature Reserve SD405595
Comment: First seen this year
Steve Ryder
4 March Peacock Eccleston SD 509 175 Zoe Foster
4 March Small Tortoiseshell In long grass in garden, Longton, Preston SD474250
Comment: Assume its come out of hibernation on warm afternoon
Bob Crawford
3 March Small Tortoiseshell Ramsbottom SD78601560
Comment: In my garden,wekly fluttering
Mike Horwood
28 February Peacock Sharples, Bolton SD712123
Comment: Inside my house on a west facing windowsill on a warm afternoon. Noticed it as I was leaving the house but when I returned it had disappeared. Found it on the Monday morning and released it outside.
Lorna Mulheran
24 February Peacock Wigan Town Centre SD585058
Comment: along sheltered and sunny footpath by River Douglas
David Broome
19 February Peacock Cockerham Moss SD4349 Barry Dyson
20 January Peacock York Lane, Whalley Nab SD717342
Comment: Lovely sunny day; spotted a brown butterfly on the wing. Landed on a dry stone wall and saw it was a peacock basking in full sun. After a short while it disappeared into a hole in the wall and did not reappear.
David Holden
20 January Peacock Pedlars Lane Shore Littleborough SD 923169
Comment: Bright sunshine, no wind, air temperature 45 deg F. Flew up from a sheltered spot and was observable for over a minute. No nectar sources nearby. I cannot remember ever seeing any butterfly in January previously.

Richard Greenwood


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