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Butterfly Sightings for 2013
Including day flying moths

See previous years' sightings here

Date Seen Butterfly Location Seen By
28 December red admiral charnock richard pr75ex
Comment: Been in our house for a few months .. butterfly is now awake and flying around
barb almond
3 December Small Tortoieshell Buckhurst, Bury SD 81943 15391
Comment: small tortoieshell in the house
Andrea Walsh
28 November Red Rdmiral Rear Garden, Oldham SD 9104
Comment: flying around garden in dull conditions, light wind and temperature of only 8 deg.
Steve Smith
3 November small tortoiseshell Ewood Bridge, Rossendale SD796209
Comment: 1 seen flying alongside the river
kevin lister
26 October Small Tortoiseshell Burnley SD837346 Paul Fisher
20 October small copper x 7, small white x 2 Longton Lancs SD474250
Comment: appeared briefly when sun shone for 30 minutes on thistles and ragwort in garden
Bob Crawford
6 October Comma 1 ,STS 6 , RA, 3, GVW 1 Siver Y Moth 1 My Garden SD 656 065
Comment: Since the 6th of Oct I've had Comma,s Red Admiral's, Small Tortoiseshell's in my back Garden everyday it's been great.
Maria Pilling
6 October Red Admiral x 7, Small Tortoiseshell x 2, Small White x 2. Fleetwood garden. SD 326477
Comment: All feeding on ivy in afternoon sun.
Brian Wood
6 October Comma x 2, tortoiseshell x 12, small copper x 10, red admiral, peacock, small white, large white Longton, Lancashire SD474250
Comment: Tortoiswshells,comma's and small copper mainly on thisles in our wildlife garden. First commas I have seen in our garden. All in fabulous condition. Red admiral flying round greenhouse, peacock feeding on Asters.
Bob Crawford
6 October Swallowtail South promenade, Fairhaven, Lytham SD 32818 27788
Comment: Was seen flying around grass area between road and dunes. Had slightly damaged tail.
Picture taken on mobile phone can be provided.
Iain Barker
5 October Small Tortoiseshell Worsley Mesnes, Wigan SD570033
Comment: Flew up and over our house at 9:50 am when still cool and overcast. First "brown" butterfly in garden for weeks
John Gibson
3 October Painted Lady Morecambe SD 455 649
Comment: Briefly on plants in back garden.
John Wood
29 September small copper x 8, small tortoiseshell x 20, speckled wood x 10, small white x 4, peacock x1 Longton, lancashire SD 474 250 Bob Crawford
28 September Small Copper1 Red Admiral 4 Small Tortoiseshell's6 Speckled Wood 4 Wyre Valley Country Park SD 355 432
Comment: I was surprised to see the Small Copper which was in good condition also the RA also in good condition like the ones in my garden. Let's hope there's more to come
Maria Pilling
28 September Comma,7 Red Admiral,5 Small Tortoiseshell,loads Speckled Wood My Garden, Westhoughton SD 656 065
Comment: Red Admiral's seem to be very fresh and also the Comma's, they arrived on Friday and since then every day
Maria Pilling
27 September Small White 2, Red Admiral 5, Comma 5,Peacock 2, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Starkey Street (west) Heywood. SD854110
Comment: All on Buddleias except Smaall Whites.
26 September Small Tortoiseshell (5) Red Admiral (2) On miniature buddliea in garden, Haydock SJ 557 967
Comment: I planted a miniature buddliea last year and this year it has blossomed and attracted great numbers of butterflies. First Peacocks Tortoiseshell and the odd Comma. The Peacocks have gone to be replaced by glorious Red Admirals.
George Anderton
21 September 1 peacock, min 3 red admiral, 1 small tortoiseshell, 1 peacock, 5 small white, 4 large white & 1 green veined white
Waterfoot, Rossendale SD833218
Comment: all butterflies seen on derelict land at the end of Booth Road
Kevin Lister
18 September Speckled Wood x2 & Small Tortoiseshell x3 Own Garden, Lancaster. SD 465 612
Comment: First Speckled Wood this year.
Matt Murfit
8 September wall brown 4, meadow brown 1, speckled wood 1,small tortoiseshell 6, peacock 2, small copper 3, green veined white 4, common blue 1 Buckhurst, Rossendale SD819154 Kevin Lister
6 September Speckled Wood 7, Small Copper 19, Peacock 1, Wall Brown 32, Meadow Brown 5, Greenbooth Quarry &Environs, Norden, Rochdale. SD853154 G Ashworth
27 August Gatekeeper 1, SmallCopper 11, Peacock 1,Wall Brown 30+, Meadow Brown 8, Small White 7, Green Veined White 2,
Greenbooth Quarry area Norden, Rochdale. SD853154
Comment: The number of Wall Browns is a minimum, impossible to determine an exact number. There is no public footpath through the quarry. Also managed to get a photo of a pair mating.
G Ashworth
26 August Painted Lady 2, Meadow Brown 4, Peacock 8, Purple Hairstreak 2, Speckled Wood 3. Broom Hill Heywood/Middleton SD842077
Comment: 1st sighting of PH at this site.
G Ashworth
26 August 3 Small Heath, 9 Wall, 5 Grayling, 18 Common Blue, 2 Small Copper, 1 Small Tort., 1 Small White & 4 Silver Y moths Hightown Dunes, Merseyside SD295034
Comment: Small Heath first of year. One old & very faded Grayling was holding territory on a twig just above the ground and was seeing off anything that flew close, including a Wall.
John Gibson
26 August 11 Small Torts, 1 Wall, 1 Common Blue & 1 Peacock Alt Estuary, Merseyside SD295034
Comment: 9 of the Small Torts were feeding on Michaelmas daisies which were growing in the mud on the edge of the estuary (ready salted flavour?!)
John Gibson
25 August numerous small tortoiseshells,peacocks,1 speckled wood,one red admiral lancashire SD 480 255
Comment: We have a large buddleia which about 5 or more years ago used to be covered in butterflies in August.Predominant species were tortoiseshell,peacocks and red admirals.however this year have only seen one red admiral a bit the worse for wear
Rebecca molyneux
25 August small skipper 17, small tortoiseshell 46, peacock 52, red admiral 1, painted lady 3, comma 11, speckled wood 7, meadow brown c42, gatekeeper 5, small copper 30, green veined white c105, small white 6, large white 3, elephant hawkmoth caterpillar 1 Grane Reservoirs Haslingden, Rossendale SD763235
Comment: most sightings around Calf Hey Reservoir. First sighting of paintaed lady in Rossendale this year. My highest ever counts for comma and small copper in Rossendale
Kevin Lister
25 August Wall Brown (1) Ainsdale Sandhills north of Coastal Road: SD304113
Comment: First of year. Also saw a Small Copper
Margaret & John Gibson
24 August Holly Blue (female) Pimbo Garden Centre, UpHolland: SD508032
Comment: First of year and first year for a while we've not seen any in our garden in spring
Margaret & John Gibson
23 August Wall Brown 1, Small White 5, Large White 1, Moor Street Heywood. SD846106
Comment: Seen at 10am in my front garden,most unusual.
g ashworth
23 August Gatekeeper Morecambe SD 455 649
Comment: Briefly on plants in back garden.
John Wood
22 August Peacock Private garden. Heywood, Greater Manchester SD 841 111 James Chadwick
22 August Peacock 16, Red Admiral 1,Small Tortoiseshell 2, Comma 1, Common Blue 10, (2 F) Large White 1, Meadow Brown 1, Silver Y 3, Sefton Street Heywood. SD863102
Comment: Not the most attractive of sites
g ashworth
22 August Peacock 5 Horwich SD 626 120 Andy Marshall
21 August Painted Lady (2), Peacock( 25+), Small Tortoiseshell (1) Brockholes SD 588 306
Comment: Painted Lady (ies?)on thistles near Boilton Wood. Peacock,all in good condition,on what I think is Hemp Agrimony near M6 footpath. Never seen so many together!
les price
18 August 8 small skipper, 2 large skipper, 8 speckled wood, c30 meadow brown, 70+ green veined white, 5 large white, 6 small white, 6 small tortoiseshell, 4 peacock, 1 red admiral, 12 small copper, 4 siler y & 2 clouded border Spring Mill Reservoir, Whitworth, Rossendale SD875172
Comment: Only the fourth red admiral I've seen in Rossendale this year, where they have been very scarce. In contrast this is the highest count of small coppper I've had for a few years. Not sure if the clouded borders would be late first generation moths or second generation, they were very fresh though
Kevin Lister
18 August Painted Lady (1); Small Copper (2); Comma (2); Peacock (5); many Common Blue, Meadow Brown (worn), Green Veined and Large White Brockholes SD 588 306
Comment: All seen near Briars at Boilton Wood noticeboard.
les price0
16 August Geranium Bronze

Link to Picture1
Link to Picture2

Menlove Allotments Liverpool SJ 417 867
Comment: I reported seeing a Long-tailed Blue but in fact it was a Geranium Bronze. I was corrected by Mark Colvin of UKButt
Howard Macaulay
14 August 200 common blue,lots meadow brown,11 grayling,7 small heath.3 small copper fairhaven sand dunes lancashire. sd332 277 martin jump
14 August 1 Comma with 5 Whites Lancaster SD 465 612
Comment: A single Comma with five Whites and lots of bees on Budlia.
Matt Murfitt
13 August Wall Brown 1 Common Blues 30 Grayling 2 Small Heath 2 Gate Keeper 's 25 Sothport Dunes SD 308 147 Maria Pilling
11 August White-letter Hairstreak Also in the area 12 green veined white, 3 large white, 2 meadow brown, 1 speckled wood and 1 small skipper

Helmshore old railway line SD 778216
Comment: 4 sightings of between 2 and 5 white letter hairstreaks today. 1 settled on top of an elm for a second before flying into a mass of branches on the same tree, two then flew up from the same elm, a couple of minutes later one was seen on top of an adjacent ash tree for around 15 minutes and then one appeared on top of the the elm again. All sightings were on the trees that can be mostly overlooked on the north east side of the bridge over the river.
Kevin Lister
8 August Comma Fleetwood garden, FY7. SD326478
Comment: Seen on same flowers on two consequetive days.Photo taken,this is first time I have seen this butterfly. Very pleased.
Brian Wood
8 August peacock 10,small tortoiseshell 5,small copper 1,small white 12. my garden in coppull,lancashire. SD567139
malcolm farrimond
8 August White letter Hairstreak Liverpool (Croxteth) SJ 4195
Comment: First ever sighting here in my garden in more than 30 years. I see that another recorder has also seen it for the first time. Seems to be a good year for them!
Alan Clark
8 August Purple Hairstreak 8 Ashworth Valley, Heywood: SD851124
Comment: Two sightings in flight between 1800 and 1830, then 25 sightings in flight to 1900. Three alighted briefly for positive idenitification, none stayed for the video camera to focu on them. At least 8 individuals.
Richard Greenwood
8 August Painted Lady 1, My garden, Rochdale SD 872127
Comment: First of the year joined the Commas, Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshells , Large and Small Whites on the Buddleias

Richard Greenwood
7 August High Brown Fritillary Garden on The Row, Silverdale: SD 472 757
Comment: Have never seen a fritillary in the garden before. Nectaring on Buddelia, along with whites, comma, peacocks and small tortoiseshell.
Rachel Rimmershaw
7 August 1 peacock & 1 comma Lancaster SD 465 612
Comment: 1 peacock & 1 comma settling on our newly planted budlia area. Photo taken.
Matt Murfitt
7 August Commas 8, Peacocks 5, Small White 5, Purple Hairstreak 2,Speckled wood 4,Small Copper 2,Small Tortoiseshell 22,Gatekeeper 1,Meadow Brown 11,Small Skipper 2, South West edge of Gristlehurst Wood and adjacent field -Heywood. SD847115
Comment: My first record of Gatekeeper at this site
G Ashworth
7 August Grayling 2, Wall 3, Dark Green Fritillary ( one worn male), Comma, Peacock 20+, Small Heath, Small Copper, Common Blue, Gatekeeper 20+, Meadow Brown 20+ Ainsdale NNR SD 2911
Comment: 3 Walls patrolling along the path between trees and sand dunes. Grayling on tree trunk sheltering from heat of sun!

Chris Ambrose
6 August Scotch Argus 7 Arnside Knott SD 455 775
Maria Pilling
6 August Hummingbird Hawkmoth Ormskirk SD 403 089
Comment: My first sighting this year of a Hummingbird Hawkmoth.Always nice to see in the garden
Brian Jones
4 August Comma 1 Peacocks 10 Small Tortoiseshell's 7 Gate Keeper 3 Small Skipper1 loads of small whites also Large White My Back Garden Westhoughton SD 656 065
Comment: It was Quite a day, just sat there and enjoyed Since then Butterflies have been in every day .Peacocks and STS also whites.
Maria Pilling
3 August Comma, Peakcock, Small Tortoishell Farnworth SD 727 053
Comment: visiting a buddelia...
2 August Meadow Brown 15, Small Tortoiseshell 12 (four days previously had been 40), Small Skipper 20, Small White 20, White Letter Hairstreak 1. Pedlars Lane, Shore, Littleborough SD 922169
Comment: First White Letter Hairstreak in this area.
Richard Greenwood
2 August Hummingbird Hawk-moth Front garden, Worsley Mesnes, Wigan SD570033
Comment: Observed at very lose quarters feeding on Phlox paniculata for around five minutes at 3.15pm. First time we've seen this species in our garden
Margaret & John Gibson
1 August Meadow Brown,Gate Keeper, Burnett, Common Blue,Grayling, S&L Whites Southport Dunes SD 308 147
Comment: Meadow Brown's in large numbers on Sea Holly 20 on one Holly also Burnett's in large numbers, Gate Keeper's also numerous
Maria Pilling
2 August 5 batches Small Tortoiseshell larvae Goosnargh SD574373
Comment: No 1st brood larvae but great to see these 2nd brood on nettle bed cut back 6 weeks ago. Hopefully peacock larvae to follow?
James Hide
1 August Meadow Brown, Small Copper, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Small White (2) Fishwick Bottoms LNR (Rowe Green), Preston SD 554 289 Steve Priestley
1 August Common Blue, Ringlet, Gatekeeper, Small White (12), Large Skipper, Peacock Fishwick Bottoms LNR (The Bonk), Preston SD552 293
Comment: Unexpected sighting of Ringlet on woodland edge
Steve Priestley
1 August Green Hairstreak Near Burnley: SD 869 291
Comment: Just flew into my house through open window at 11pm. I am no expert on butterlfies but a google search confirms a green hairstreak. I thought at first it was a male brimstone but it's a really strong blue green, identical to the photos I found. Trying to catch it and put it outside so haven't been able to work out whether male or female.
Diana Hudson
1 August Whiteletter Hairstreak 3, Comma 1, Small Skipper 5 Helmshore old railway line SD 778216

Comment: 2 whiteletter hairstreaks one on thistle oyne on rosebay willow herb

J Hallsworth
30 July Dark Green Fritillary 1, Small Tortoiseshell 40, Meadow Brown 25, Small Skipper 35, Large Skipper 4, Large White 20, Small White 10, Small Heath 1, Small Copper 1, Peacock 1, Gatekeeper 1, Buckley, Rochdale SD 904161
Comment: First ever Dark Green Fritillary for me locally, All sightings on an area of Creeping Thistle.
Richard Greenwood
29 July meadow brown x 10, pyrausta aurata x 3, small white x 18, shaded broad bar x 9, straw dot x 1, 5 spot burnet x 2, silver y x 1, common blue x 5, comma x1, speckled wood x 3, green veined white x 3, grayling x 5 ,small tortoiseshell x 5, red admiral x 1. Warton Crag nature reserve SD494724

David Dower
29 July small white x 2, speckled wood x1, meadow brown x 10, small tortoiseshell x 3,silver y x 1, red admiral x 1,common blue x1,comma x 1. Warton Crag nature reserve SD491724 David Dower
28 July Ringlet 1 Millcroft, Norden, Rochdale SD850143
Comment: Flying in quite heavy rain at 1800 hours
Richard Greenwood
28 July 1 small skipper, c12 large skipper, c20 large white, c5 small white, c5 green veined white, c55 small tortoiseshell, 1 comma, c15 meadow brown, 1 ringlet, 2 silver y moth , 1 large yellow underwing Staghills Woods, Rawtenstall SD832220
Comment: the ringlet was a rather tatty individual and was a first sighting away from the only other known site for this species in Rossendale (between Healey Dell & Spring Mill Reservoir)
Kevin Lister
27 July Small Tortoiseshell 200+, Meadow Brown 60+, Gatekeeper 12, Small Heath 10 Rakewood, Littleborough, Rochdale: SD 950138
Comment: The numbers of Small Tortoiseshells in the Rochdale area rival those of the early 1990s. 90 at Greenbooth East (26 July), 100+ at Wolstenhome Norden (1 August ) etc. A large patch of Creeping Thistle at this elevated Rakewood site.
Richard Greenwood
27 July Forester moth (2 males),

Gatekeeper (7) & Meadow Brown (7)
Pinfold Meadow, Ainsdale NNR SD304112
Comment: Forester's: one very fresh, one worn. Our first sightings. Also saw 36 other G/k, 10 MB, 3 Sml Skipper, 3 Grayling & 1 Sml White along West End Walk as well as 1 Antler moth across Coastal Rd from meadow
Margaret & John Gibson
27 July White Letter Hairstreak 3, Purple Hairstreak 3, Common Blue 4, Peacock 2, Red Admiral 1, Small Tortoiseshell 10, Small Copper 2, Comma 4, Small Skipper 25+, Large Skipper 25+, Gatekeeper 50+, Meadow Brown 100 +, Large White 6, Small White 5, Green veined 15, Straw Dot Moths 5 Brockholes, Preston SD 588306
Comment: Most were seen between car park and the briar bush at Boilton Wood entrance. PHS in oaks to the north of the Quarry Pits.
Les Price
27 July Dark Green Fritillary, Gatekeeper, Ringlet Milnrow, near Rochdale, Lancs SD 961127
Comment: The dark green fritillary is a first for me in Rochdale, as is the gatekeeper. Ringlet I saw at this site last year, which was then a first in Rochdale for me.
C. Jepson-Brown
27 July Red Admirial Rochdale SD 865 124
Comment: not seen one for 40 years in this location
Michael Jones
26 July Small Tortoiseshell Above Holcombe Village junction of paths SD779167
Comment: Hot ,dry,sunny & still.At least 60 on a patch of thistle- a really good sighting- the most of any british butterflies seen in such a small area.
Mike Horwood
25 July Satyrium w-album Scutchers Acres, Lathom, West Lancashire SD 4530 1050
Comment: For 3rd year running, I have had White-letter Hairstreaks feeding on marsh thistle beneath elms. This year I saw three.
John Watt
22 July Meadow Browns 10s, Gatekeepers 10s, Grayling10s, Ringlets 10s, Scotch Argus 10s,Northern Brown Argus 3, DarkGreen Fritillary several, HighBrown Fritillary 5 Arnside Knott SD 455775
Comment: Scotch Argus All looked very fresh as did the High Browns.
The Dark Greens were all quite faded.
Meurig Garbutt
21 July Hummingbird Hawk Moth North Merseyside SD335 166
Comment: Saw this in my garden in the afternoon - is it rare in this area?
Eileen Convey
21 July Dark Green Fritillary (1 male), Grayling (3), Small Skipper (1), Gatekeeper (18) & Meadow Brown (2) Sand Dunes, Ainsdale NNR SD298115 Margaret & John Gibson
21 July Gatekeeper (8) & Meadow Brown (5) Dobson's Ride, Ainsdale NNR SD302110 Margaret & John Gibson
21 July 21 small skipper, c190 large skipper, 8 green veined white, 1 red admiral, 1 small tortoiseshell and c25 caterpillars, 1 speckled wood. 4 gatekeeper, c140 meadow brown, 2 straw dot moths, c20 narrow bordered 5 spot burnet & c60 cinnabar moth caterpillars Grane reservoirs, Haslingden, Rossendale SD763235
Comment: 1st gatekeepers and red admiral of the year for me. Lots of cinnabar moth caterpillars also in Waterfoot in Rossendale
Kevin Lister
21 July White-letter Hairstreak Prettywood Heywood. SD830107
Comment: 1 settled on wych elm leaf for 2 hours in cool windy conditions.
G Ashworth
20 July Gatekeeper 2 male Bircle Church Wood Heywood SD830124
Comment: First of the year for the Rochdale area
Richard Greenwood
20 July White-letter Hairstreak (6) Devonshire Road Rock gardens:, Blackpool SD 317 386
Allan Sumner
19 July White-letter Hairstreak. Prettywood HeywoodSD 830107
Comment: Seen am&pm on single wych elm,8 different sightings unable to give an exact number.
G Ashworth
18 July Speckled Wood 6,Meadow Brown 28,Large Skipper 25,Small Skipper 17 Small Tortoiseshell 2 5 Spot Burnett Moth 4 Ramsbottom,path up from Summerseat on small meadow on the right SD 79 15 Mike Horwood
18 July Comma 1, Small Tort 3, Red Admiral 3, Large White 6, Speckled Wood 6, White Letter Hairstreak 2, Small Skipper 100plus, Brockholes Nature Reserve 588306
Comment: I've never seen such numbers of Small Skippers before. There were up to 4 in sight any where in the open.
Meurig Garbutt
18 July Dark Green Fritillary 10s, Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary 10s, Common Blue 10s, Small Heath 10s, Wood Tiger Moth 1, Large Wainscot 1, Chimney Sweeper 10s, Six-spot Burnet 5, Speckled Wood 6, Brimstone Moth 2, Hutton Roof Crags SD 56 78
Comment: 20 Frits netted for close ID but only dk grn and SPB. Why not HB or SW?
James Hide
18 July White letter Hairstreak Hesketh Park, Southport SD34689 18143
Comment: brief view of one at the top of elm trees
John Jakeman0
17 July Small Torticeshell. (1), Large Skipper (1), Gatekeeper (6) & Meadow Brown (6) Mere Sands Wood LNR (Meadow Walk)SD 448158 John Gibson
17 July Gatekeeper Princess Pit Site, Haydock SJ 556 971
Comment: First sighting of Gatekeepers where, if previous years are a guide, they will soon be in abundance.
George Anderton
16 July White Letter Hairstreak Waterloo, Merseyside SJ 323 981
Comment: At least 3, high in an Elm in the garden of Stone House, Park Road, Waterloo. Several Elms in the Waterloo park area so may be more.
David Hardaker
14 July Green Hairstreak North Merseyside SJ 520 932
Comment: Found in an old Cottage garden style patch we have in our front garden
John Massey
13 July Brimstone (1) Shore, Littleborough SD929170
Comment: Rare throughout the Rochdale area
Richard Greenwood
12 July White-letter Hairstreak 2 Brockholes nature reserve, Preston. SD588306
Comment: 1 seen on large bramble patch and one seen in adjacent elm tree at entrance to Boilton wood
Meurig Garbutt
12 July Speckled Wood 5, Meadow Brown 14, Large Skipper 12, Small Skipper 4 Ramsbottom, SD 79 15
Comment: Warm sunny,small meadow at the side of cobble path up from Summerseat
Mike Horwood
9 July Narrow-bordered Five-spot Burnet Garden, Radcliffe SD770 072
Comment: Beautiful weather but not a single butterfly since a single Speckled Wood at the end of May. The Burnets have been a regular visitor over the past three weeks on Scabious
Archie Simpson
8 July Magpie Moth Appley Bridge SD 52 09
Comment: Flying in the garden at about 1930. From hawthorn to rose bushes. First time seen.
Margaret & Paul Wood
8 July Red Admiral Crosby SJ 31732 99766
Comment: My first of the year and in my back garden!
Philip Collins
6 July Small Tortoiseshell 1, Small Heath 6, Wall Brown 2,Meadow Brown 9, large Skipper 11, Greenbooth Quarry area Norden Rochdale, SD 853154 G Ashworth
5 July Dark Green Fritillary 5 males Ainsdale Nature Reserve SD2960911640 Philip Collins
5 July Brimstone Thatto Heath, St Helens: SJ 496 938
Comment: Surprised to see this sunbathing on my windscreen, got a few photos which enabled me to identify it.
Steve Murray
5 July Dark Green Fritillary Ainsdale NNR SD 2911
Comment: Out in good numbers this morning, with sunshine!!
Chris Ambrose
30 June 1 Speckled Wood Sankey Valley Visitors' Centre SJ 535966. John Gibson
30 June 2 Large Skipper Stanley Bank Meadow Blackbrook, nr. St. Helens SJ 533973 John Gibson
30 June Yellow-barred Longhorn Moth (Nemophora degeerella)
Stanley Bank Wood, Blackbrook, nr. St. Helens SJ 539973
Comment: One male & one female resting on bracken. New species for me.
John Gibson
29 June Chimney Sweeper moth Coldwell upper Reservoir, Nelson SD903361
Comment: 3 but early morning before 6
Kevin Singleton
25 June Meadow Brown 1, Chimney Sweeper 13, Meadow North side of Bury & Rochdale old road Heywood. SD845121
Comment: The number of chimney sweeper moths is a minimum.
G Ashworth
25 June Large Skipper 6, Small Copper 4, Meadow Brown 1, Peacock 1,Wall Brown 1, Cinnabar Moths 8, Latticed Heath 4, Silver-Y 2, Birtle Church Wood area. nr Heywood SD830124 G Ashworth
25 June Small Tortoiseshell 13, Orange Tip 1m, Large White 1,Small White 1 River Roch bank nr Gristlehurst Wood Heywood. SD 847115
Comment: All on Dames Violet flowers on riverbank.
G Ashworth
25 June 5 spot burnet fleetwood, lancashire SD 32050 47155
Comment: Found on a purple summer flowering plant. beautiful moth
Jane Godfrey
22 June Painted Lady Yealand Conyers SD 5074
Comment: First for the year. Fresh specimen
Brian Hancock
22 June Anania (=Phlyctaenia) coronata Ashton-in-Makerfield SJ577990
Comment: on front of shop in town centre
David Broome
19 June Large Skipper (1) Amberswood Common SBI, Wigan: SD6003 John Gibson
19 June Large Skipper (11), Meadow Brown (1), Green-veined White (1) & Large White (1) Amberswood Common SBI, Wigan SD6004
Comment: Large Skipper & Meadow Brown first of year
John Gibson
19 June Orange Tip 2(male), Peacock 1, Wall Brown 8, Small Copper 1, Large White 1, Green Veined White 5,Small Heath 15, Greenbooth Quarry and environs Rochdale. SD 853154 G Ashworth
18 June Large Skipper Brockholes nature reserve SD 588306
Comment: several newly emerged males seen.
Meurig Garbutt
10 June Cinnabar moth Worsley Mesnes, Wigan SD570033
Comment: Landed briefly on flags near front door. First record of this moth in our garden.
John Gibson
9 June Common Blue Approx. 25 Freshfields National Trust Reserve, Formby. SD275084
Comment: Mostly males. Most feeding on Birds' Foot Trefoil in early evening sunshine. First blues of year.
Margaret & John Gibson
8 June 35 common Blue and 3 wall Brown Pilling, Lane Ends amenity area 415494
Comment: Only 2 female common blues seen.
Andrew Cornall
9 June Cinnabar Moth (11) Heywood Sefton Street SD863101 Richard Greenwood
8 June Small Heath 3, Small Copper 2, Green Veined White 6 Rakewood, Littleborough, Rochdale SD950138
Comment: The Small Heath and the Small Copper were all newly emerged; the latter nectaring unusually on Meadow Buttercup
Richard Greenwood
7 June 1 green hairstreak, 1 small copper, 9m orange tip, 1 large white, c20 green veined white, 4 speckled wood & 3 small tortoiseshell Marl Pits, Rossendale SD823233 Kevin Lister
6 June 3 Duke of Burgundy, 2 Pearl Bordered Fritillary, 2 Dingy Skipper, 3 Brimstone, several Green Veined Whites Gaitbarrows: SD480 773
Comment: One Duke of Burgundy looking the worse for wear. Fritillaries near the taped areas.
Les Price
4 June green hairstreak (2) nr Delph, Oldham SD969081
Comment: I'm carrying out a survey of Oldham's butterflies - there are a few other sites that are currently being investigated for green hairstreak.
Steve Smith
3 June Common Blue Southport Dunes SD 308 147
Comment: I saw only four or five but it's a start
Maria Pilling
4 June Common Blue (Male) Princess Pit Site Haydock SJ 556 971
Comment: First sighting of a common blue on a site where prior to last year they were in abundance.
George Anderton
3 June 3 Green Hairstreaks, 1 Small Copper, 1 Peacock Ashworth Moor res area SD 831158 J. Hallsworth
2 June Wall Brown Warton Bank SD424271
Comment: First one I have seen in the Fylde for several years.
Stephen Dunstan
2 June Orange-tip, Meadow Brown. Martin Mere nature reserve SD 429 142 Luke Burston
31 May Wall Brown Littleborough, Unnamed road near Fothergill & Harveys cricket ground SD949174
Comment: First sighting of Wall Brown at this location but other previously recorded Wall Brown sites within half a mile.
Richard Greenwood
31 May Green Hairstreak 1, Speckled Wood 2, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Peacock 1, Orange Tip 12, Green Veined White 10 Littleborough, Pedlars Lane, Shore SD922169
Comment: A sheltered, south facing site with Wimberry and Bramble. First sighting of Green Hairstreak in this locality.
Richard Greenwood
31 May Wall (3), Small Copper (1), Orange Tip (1m 1f), Peacock (1), Green Veined White (5), Small Tortoiseshell (1), Mother Shipton moth (1), Greenbooth Quarry Upper Naden Valley, Rochdale. SD853154 G Ashworth
26 May Duke of Burgundy 3(1 minus a hind wing), numerous Orange tips(male & female),Brimstone,Green-veined White,Speckled Wood and a Dingy Skipper Gait Barrows Nature Reserve. Silverdale SD 48 77
Comment: D.O.B seen in taped off area,in the N/E corner of the reserve.Dingy in the S/W path area going down to the open field. Nothing flying until the sun came out after 3pm.
Russ Briers
26 May Brimstone Twine Valley, Rossendale SD807178
Comment: 1 male (not a common butterfly in Rossendale)
Kevin Lister
25 May Small Copper Higher Road, Longridge SD 63 39
Comment: What I think was a Small Copper on the roadside verge amongst the bluebells, along Higher Road at the foot of the golf course.
Guy Bebbington
25 May Green haristreak Caton Moor SD 577 639
Comment: Seen briefly on track near windfarm
Steve Ryder
25 May Pearl Bordered Fritillary 4 or 5 Gait Barrows, Silverdale SD482 775
Comment: The PBFs were near the DOB's path. I had to walk past their patch to see the PBF
Maria Pilling
25 May Small Heath, Dingy Skipper Warton Crag LNR SD 495 723
Comment: I'd not seen the Small Heath at WC before so I got a surprise. they were near the stone seat .
Maria Pilling
25 May Green Hairstreak 4, Orange Tip 10, Green Veined White 12, Peacock 2, Small Tortoiseshell 1 Rochdale, Rainshore : SD848154
Comment: First local Green Hairstreaks at least five weeks later than usual.
Richard Greenwood
25 May Holly Blue Bury SD8011 Steve Smith
22 May 12 Green Hairstreak, 6 whites (at least 2 were Green-veined), 4 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Speckled Wood, 1 Painted Lady Roeburndale SD 602 651
Comment: Temp: 12 C on the clouded windy moors, 25 in the sunlit valley
Location: Walk from Middle Wood Eco Farm to Outhwaite Wood, West Roeburndale, Lancashire
Time: 12:00-14:00
Natalie Windsor & John Attiwell
21 May 10 Orange Tip, 6 Speckled Wood, 4 Green-veined White, 2 Brimstone, possibly 1 Large White, possibly 1 Peacock, 4 unknown small whites Lancaster SD 482 589 GB
Comment: Lancaster, about 21-24�, 3-3:30 pm, no wind, along sunlit and shaded woodland rides along the stream on Claughton Drive, Whinfell Drive, etc.
Natalie Windsor & John Attiwell
21 May 4 Duke of Burgundy, 1 Green Hairstreak, 1 Dingy Skipper, 1 Comma, 1 Speckled Wood, 4+ Brimstone, 3+ Peacock, Whites - Small, Green Veined, Large, 4+ Orange Tip, Gait Barrows, Silverdale. SD 48 77
Comment: No PBFs
Ian Armitage
21 May Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Dingy Skipper, Orange Tip 2, Large White 3, Speckled Wood 2 Warton Crag LNR SD495723
Comment: First pearl of the year for me seen on a brief visit in sun late afternoon
Brian Hancock
19 May Green Hairstreak, Emperor Moth Winmarleigh Moss, Nr. Garstang SD4447
Comment: A disappointing 2 Green Hairstreaks but better luck with 16 sightings of Emperor moth although it was not clear how many individuals were involved. A maximum of 3 at any one time were seen.
Barry Dyson
19 May Duke-of-Burgandy Gait Barrows, Silverdale SD482 775
Comment: It was very cool at first when we got there, then after lunch the sun came out and we saw the Duke's I took lots of shots.What a relief I thought we'd lost them
Maria Pilling
17 May Duke of Burgundy (1M), Speckled Wood (1), Green-veined White (1) Gait Barrows, Silverdale SD484 774
Comment: Elated to spot a single male during a brief bright spell on Friday lunchtime; basking briefly on moss before flying off into bushes
Simon Fenner
14 May Small White (1), Large White (1), Green Veined White (6), Small Tortoiseshell (1) Peacock (5), Speckled Wood (3), Orange Tip (7) Brockholes, Preston SD585 307 Les Price
14 May Painted Lady Overton, Lancaster SD435 579 Alan Draper
14 May Orange Tips Spring Wood, Whalley SD741 363
Comment: Saw about 5 or 6 Males and a couple of females the wood was lovely full of Bluebells and Garlic flowers
Maria Pilling
14 May Orange Tips Hall-Lee-Brook Westhoughton SD661 054
Comment: I went HLB early in the morning before the rain arrived I saw quite a few OT's in peak condition considering the awful weather we've had.
Maria Pilling
14 May Orange -tip Edenfield, Ramsbottom SD 798 187
Comment: Male flying in the rain
Ina Smith
9 May Orange Tip Lancaster SD 4662
Matt Murfitt
7 May Green Hairstreak, Brimstone, Orange Tip, Green-veined White Gaits Barrow, Silverdale: SD483 775
Comment: My first GHS so pleased. There was some concern about the DOB and the PBF. I was asked to pass on to people that if they go to GB and see any could you tell one of the people in charge of GB
Maria Pilling
7 May Green Hairstreak (1no) Werneth Low CP, Hyde SJ965936
Steve Smith
6 May Green-veined White 10, Speckled Wood 3 Hall-Lee-Brook, Westhoughton: SD661-054
Comment: There were quite a few GVW (looking for partners) also saw Peacocks again and the STS were still about
Maria Pilling
6 May Peacocks plenty, Brimstone 3, Speckled Wood 5, Comma 1, Orange Tip 3, and Large White 5/6. Gait Barrows Nature Reserve/Hawes Water. SD 48 77
Comment: Warmest day of the year? 18C temp. light wind,site looking good,plenty of flowers out, no Dukes, Pearls or Green H/s seen yet. Just 2 Peacocks seen on Myers but was only 12C in the morning when visited.
2 May Large White (2), Orange-tip, Green-veined White (6), Small Tortoiseshell (5), Peacock (3)Location: Gait Barrows Nature Reserve/Hawes Water. Low Hall Park LNR, Wigan. SD610032 Ian Woosey
1 May Small Tortoiseshell (2)Grid_Ref: SD 48 77 Amberswood Common, Ince, nr. Wigan: SD 5904
Comment: Both very fresh individuals with vivid blue marking along lower edge of hindwings
John Gibson
1 May Peacock (13), Small Tortoiseshell (2) & Orange Tip (1 female)Comment: Warmest day of the year? 18C temp. light wind,site looking good,plenty of flowers out,no Dukes,Pearls or Green H/s seen yet. Just 2 Peacocks seen on Myers but was only 12C in the morning when visited. Amberswood Common, Ince, nr. Wigan SD 6004
Comment: Orange Tip was first of year. One of the Peacocks was very old and barely had any hindwings left
John Gibson
30 April Brimstone, Orange-tip, Comma, Peacock, Small White, Large White Eller Brook valley, West Lancashire: SD 45 11
Comment: Male brimstone; peacocks and orange tips abundant
John Watt
30 April Orange-tip (5), Green-veined White (6), Small Tortoiseshell (10), Peacock (11) Brockholes Nature Reserve (LWT), Preston. SD585307
Comment: Probable Large White also, but distant.
Ian Woosey
23 April Peacock 3 Yarrow Valley Park, Chorly SD573 155
Comment: One of the Peacocks was in a sad state but could still just about fly.
Maria Pilling
23 April Large White Worsley Mesnes, Wigan SD570033 John Gibson
23 April 6 Peacock, 4 Comma, 3 Small Tortoiseshell and 1 male Orange Tip Otterspool Park Liverpool SJ 379 863 Howard Macaulay
22 April Peacock, Red Admiral North Merseyside, Bootle SJ 33819 95302 Pete McFadyen
20 April Comma Small Tortoiseshell Peacock Hall-Lee -Brook, Westhoughton SD661 054
Comment: I saw loads of STS too many to count. Lots of Peacocks flying with the STS until they found they the wrong BFHa! Ha! the Comma's I saw two only
Maria Pilling
20 April Small Tortoiseshell 2 Warton, Near Carnforth. SD502725
Comment: Mating pair
Martin Elsworth
20 April Comma 2, Small Tortoiseshell Trickett's Memorial Ground . Waterfoot, Rossendale SD836223
Comment: 1pr commas seen mating on underside of fallen branch. 1 small tortoiseshell nearby
Kevin Lister
20 April Orange-tip (m), Small Tortoiseshell (c8), Peacock (12+) Hic Bibi LNR, Coppull SD567126 Ian Woosey
20 April Green-veined White, Comma (3), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Peacock Borsdane Wood LNR, Wigan SD624059 Ian Woosey
20 April Comma Marple Stockport SJ950880
Comment: Although I am not hugely interested in butterflies I was surprised to see a butterfly in the garden that I've never seen here before and thought it was worth notifying someone.
P Ingham
19 April Green-veined White, Comma 3 Allerton Liverpool SJ 417 867 Howard Macaulay
18 April Small Tortoiseshell 2, Comma and a Peacock Oglet shore, Speke near Liverpool SJ 442 815
Comment: I also saw a small Common Lizard basking in the sun.
Howard Macaulay
15 April 1 Small White, 1 Small Tortoiseshell St Helens Rd Park Ormskirk SD 417 078 Brian Jones
13 April Small Tortoiseshell Poolstock Lane, Wigan: SD570033
Comment: One flushed from front garden at 10:10am. First butterfly of 2013 for me
John Gibson
10 April Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell Lightshaw Meadows (LWT), Wigan. SJ 613 999
Comment: Both basking on the ground.
Ian Woosey
6 April 5 Small Tortoiseshell's My Back Garden, Westhoughton SD 656 065
Comment: I saw the Butterflies whilst I was gardening I didn't get a Picture ,they were too quick for me, it was great to see them, my first this year
Maria Pilling
6 April Small tortoiseshell, Peacock Sankey Valley Park, St Helens SJ 535 967
Comment: Active in the sunshine
H Crossley
6 April Peacock Wrightington Hospital, Appley Bridge, Wigan SD 529 106
Comment: Basking on Rhododendron leaves. Mid-afternoon sunshine, max temp 8c
Ian Woosey
6 April Peacock Thursden valley Colne SD 88 35 David Kelly
29 March Small Tortoiseshell Standish, nr Wigan SD557 099
Comment: Flying across School Lane near The Beeches early afternoon. Sunshine but max temp only 5c.
Ian Woosey
18 March Peacock Sefton Park Liverpool SJ 375 882
Comment: The butterfly was in a small woods warming up in the sun when I accidentally disturbed it.
Howard Macaulay
5 March Small tortoiseshell Ormskirk SD 403 089
Comment: On Crocus in my front garden .first of the year.
Brian Jones
2 March Small Tortoise Shell Our bathroom, Worsthorne, Burnley, Lancs., where it's been since last August hibernating. SD8732
Comment: Come out of hibernation today. What should I do with it. They usually die. Please let me know.
Laura Sivell says: "I’ve advised her to let it go. I’ve had a couple of reports of ‘wild’ butterflies already, and there’s good weather expected for the next couple of days. It should be fine."
Jean Witt
28 February Small Tortoiseshell Worsthorne Nr Burnley SD8732
Comment: Flew over the garden
David Webster
1 February Small Tortoiseshell Skelmersdale SD 486 049
Comment: Flew past me on sunny morning temp 9c
Steve Wallace


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