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Butterfly Sightings for 2012
Including day flying moths

See previous years' sightings here

Date Seen Butterfly Location Seen By
5 December Red Admiral Scorton, Lancashire SD 515 506
Comment: Found flying around my daughters bedroom. Apparently been on her ceiling for weeks.
Stephanie Oates
28 November Small Tortoiseshell Lancaster SD7463
Comment: This torpid butterfly was in the plughole of my kitchen sink! I had some drink cartons draining in the sink before going to recycling, and the butterfly was under them. One of its wings was wet. I took it outside where it woke up a bit in the sun, then I moved it into a netting hibernation cage I keep in the garage.
Laura Sivell
15 November Red Admiral Haughton Dale LNR, Hyde SJ 93 93
Comment: Feeding on ivy
Steve Smith
8 November Red Admiral (1) Horwich Town Centre SD 639116 Gavin Ashworth
4 November peacock Spring Mill reservoir, Whitworth, Rossendale SD875172
Comment: 1 very fresh individual seen flying in afternoon sunshine
Kevin Lister
26 October Small Tortoiseshell (1) Haydock SJ 579 973
Comment: 1 tatty individual in flight around the verge at the Haydock Island road junction (A580/A44/M6 junction 23)
David Broome
21 October 1 Comma. 2 Red Admiral , 1 Small Tortoiseshell Lunt Meadows nature reserve Merseyside SD354 021 Brian Jones
21 October Small White (1), Small Tortoiseshell (1) Wrightington Hospital, Appley Bridge, Wigan. SD529106
Comment: SW basking on Rhododendron leaves in warm sunshine. ST nectaring on Buddleia.
Ian Woosey
19 October Red Admiral (1) Wrightington Hospital, Appley Bridge, Wigan. SD529106
Comment: Basking on a car door.
Ian Woosey
17 October Speckled Wood (1), Comma (1) Darcy Lever Gravel Pits, Bolton SD742077
Comment: Despite the recent downpours/windy weather the speckled wood was in virtually pristine condition.
Steve Smith
14 October Comma Lunt Meadows nature reserve Merseyside SD354 021 Brian Jones
14 October Small Tortoiseshell (1) Poolstock Lane, Wigan SD570033
Comment: Fresh individual sunbathing in warm sunshine on neighbours flags at 2.15 p.m.
John Gibson
14 October Small Tortoiseshell (1) Wrightington Hospital, Appley Bridge SD529106
Comment: Basking on Ivy leaves.
Ian Woosey
9 October Speckled Wood 2, Red admiral Myers Allotment Reserve, Silverdale. SD 474 749 Myers Work Party
9 October Red Admiral Pall Mall, Chorley SD 579167 David Beattie
7 October Small Tortoiseshell (1) Poolstock
Lane, Worsley Mesnes, Wigan SD570033
Comment: Flying around back garden in warm subshine at 1 p.m.
John Gibson
7 October Small Tortoiseshell Pimbo Garden Centre, UpHolland SD508032
Comment: Quite a fresh individual resting inside a greenhouse
Margaret & John Gibson
3 October Yellow Shell Harwood, Bolton SD739129 Gordon Wyse
29 September Red Admiral 3, Small Tortoiseshell 8, peacock 2, Angle Shades Moth 1 Green Lane Heywood. SD 866107
Comment: All on Buddleia.
Gavin Ashworth
22 September Speckled Wood (3), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Peacock (1), White sp Haydock Park Racecourse, Ashton-In-Makerfield SJ586 948
Comment: Seen in the main car-park.
Ian Woosey
22 September Painted Lady 5 Bamber bridge SD 557 259
Comment: Feeding and basking together on sedum plants
M Brennan
17 September Common Blue 4 Pilsworth Rd-Moss hall Rd Heywood SD 833094
Comment: On Common Ragwort
Gavin Ashworth
16 September Wall 7, Small Copper 1, Small Tortoiseshell 1 Greenbooth Quarry (West) Norden Rochdale. SD 854156 Gavin Ashworth
15 September 7 Peacocks, 2 Red Admirals, 1 Speckled Wood, 1 Small Copper Nether Tor and The Nab, Edale Moor SK 12117 87658, SK 12324 86540
Angela Foy
9 September Painted Lady Preston SD318512
Comment: In garden feeding on tall verbena,see photos on my blog martinjump.blogspot.com
Martin Jump
8 September 3 Wall, 1 Gatekeeper, 4 Speckled Wood, 2 Small Copper, 5 Green Veined White, 2 Peacock, 2 Small Tortoiseshell, 2 Red Admiral Buckhurst, Rossendale SD819154
Comment: Red admirals have been very scarce in Rossendale this year. 1 in waterfoot on 08/09 was the only other one I've seen
kevin lister
8 September Red Admiral (Vanessa Atalanta) at least 8, Small Tortoiseshell In my garden Aintree, Liverpool SJ 369 972
Audrey Stanson
8 September 1 Grayling, 3 Small Heath, 4 Speckled Wood, 5 Sm Tortoiseshell, 5 Red Admiral, 1 Meadow Brown, 15 + Common Blue Freshfields National Trust reserve, Formby SD 275083
Comment: Observed around midday,- lovely and sunny!
Les Price
8 September Wall (7), Small Copper (25+), Speckled Wood (c15), Peacock (3), Small Tortoiseshell (3). Wilderswood, Horwich SD649 126
Comment: 3 Wall Browns seen in the clear-fell area in Wilderswood, and a further 4 near the small disused quarries off Georges Lane at SD653 121.
Ian Woosey
6 September Speckled Wood (21), Meadow Brown (3), Peacock (3), Small Tortoiseshell (4), Large White (1), Silver Y moth (1) Haigh Country Park, Wigan SD589 081
Comment: Majority of sightings from Lady Mabels Wood (WT). (Single male Common Blue seen at Aspull Sough 28/8).
Ian Woosey
3 September Peacocks, Small Tortoiseshell, Grayling 1 Birkdale Sands SD 325 141
Comment: I can honestly say I've never seen as many PC, STS, before. I gave over counting there was so many, on Ragwort mostly, but also on Blue Daisies Chicory I think.
Maria Pilling
1 September 1 gatekeeper, 1 peacock, 4 small tortoiseshell, 1 small white, 10 green veined white Warth, Waterfoot, Rossendale SD829219
Comment: 1st record for gatekeeper at this site
Kevin Lister
31 August Holly Blue (1f), Red Admiral (3), Small Tortoiseshell (3), Peacock (2) Wrightington Hospital, Appley Bridge SD529 106 Ian Woosey
28 August Small Copper, 1 Large White5 Peacock8 Grayling1 Small Tortoiseshell 6 Small Blue loads Meadow Browns lots Six Spot Burnett Ainsdale Nature Reserve SD291 103
Comment: It was a lovely day. I didn't expect to see many differant species so nice suprise
Maria Pilling
28 August Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Small Copper (2), Holly Blue (1), Gatekeeper (1m), Red Admiral (1) Werneth Low CP, Hyde SJ9693
Comment: A thirty minute lunchtime stroll in this high(ish) altitude mainly open area with some trees/shrubs
Steve Smith
28 August Holly Blue Failsworth SD 90558 01901
Comment: This is the first holly blue i've ever seen, it landed on a statice in my butterfly garden that was only planted this year, i got an absolutely cracking picture, i'm so pleased!
Angela Foy
26 August Grayling (1), Small Copper (2) & Common Blue (1) Pinfold Meadow, Ainsdale NNR SD304112
Comment: Also saw fresh Small Tort. (1), fresh Small Copper (1) & Common Blue (4) on sandhills north of Coastal Road, SD304113
Margaret & John Gibson
24 August 24 Small Tortoiseshell, 3 Meadow Brown, 2 Gatekeeper, 4 Small Skipper, 4 Small Copper, 2 Small Heath, 2 Peacock, 1 Green Veined White, 1 Large Skipper, 1 Wall Brown Rakewood, Littleborough, Rochdale SD951137
Comment: All except one of the Small Heath nectaring on Creeping Thistles. I was surprised to see the Large Skipper so late in the summer. Nice to see Wall Brown are still in the Rakewood area.
Richard Greenwood
22 August Red Admiral (2), Peacock (11), Small Tortoiseshell (2) Wrightington Hospital, Appley Bridge SD529 106
Comment: Nectaring on two large Buddleia bushes within the grounds.
Ian Woosey
21 August Peacock (6), Common Blue (5), Gatekeeper (2), Small Copper (4),Comma (1),Speckled Wood (8), Large White (1), Small Tortoiseshell (1), Small Skipper (2), Meadow Brown (20+) Brockholes, Preston SD 585 305
Comment: All seen between 1.00 and 2.00 in humid and sunny weather before the downpour and mostly in the area where Brockholes adjoins Boilton Wood.

Les Price
20 August Small Copper (1), Holly Blue (1), Peacock (11) Giants Hall Farm, Standish Lower Ground SD565076 David Broome
20 August Holly Blue My garden, Midge Hall Drive Rochdale SD872127
Comment: Single individual in late afternoon. Similar sighting on 22 August. Originally see high in trees but descended to ground level for full identification. Flowering Ivy near by.
Richard Greenwood
20 August Wall 3 Former Sand Plant/RSPB Reserve, Southport SD3520
Comment: 2m at seaward end of former sand plant; 1f directly outside the RSPB visitor centre.
Steve Smith
18 August 4 Peacock,1 Red Admiral,1 Small Tortoiseshell Feeding on Buddleia in garden, Ormskirk SD403074, Kath Holding
18 August Speckled Wood(2), Small Copper (3), Common Blue (3), Gatekeeper (1), Meadow Brown (1)& 6-spot Burnet moth (2) Ainsdale Sandhills north of Coastal Road, SD304113 John Gibson
18 August Grayling (9), Common Blue (6), Peacock (3), Speckled Wood (3), Gatekeeper (1), Meadow Brown (1) Pinfold Path, Ainsdale NNR SD300113 John Gibson
18 August Small Copper (6), Common Blue (1), Speckled Wood (2), Gatekeeper (4), Meadow Brown (2) & Small White (1) Pinfold Meadow (Ainsdale NNR) SD304112
John Gibson
18 August Ringlet (1f), Small Copper (1 - blue spot form) Green Veined White, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Small Skipper Strinesdale, Oldham SD9506
Comment: First visit to this area since Spring - the late ringlet probably signifies yet another colony in the Oldham area. The ringlet is well established in Oldham. Must visit Strinesdale in July 2013!
Steve Smith
18 August Peacock 14, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Meadow Brown 2, Gatekeeper 1 Mount Tabor, Lowton SJ 614 965 David Broome
16 August Grayling (5), Speckled Wood (3) & Gatekeeper (1) Freshfields NT (on an overcast evening after a sunny afternoon) SD275083
Comment: All feeding on Ragwort. Also saw 3 other SpW & 1 G/keeper at SD276082 and a SpW with only 2 1/2 wings at SD278081! (left hind wing & inner half of right hindwing missing)
Margaret & John Gibson
16 August Wall 1, Peacock 3, Small Tortoiseshell 5, Green Veined White 3, Red Admiral 1, Goosnargh SD 573373
Comment: Will winter hibernating butterflies produce another brood this year? If not those flying need to store as much energy as possible.
James Hide
15 August 100+ Meadow Brown, 150+ Small Skipper, 2 Lg Skipper, 1 Small Heath, 20 Small Tortoishell, 50 Green Veined White Helmshore, Rossendale, Lancs SD 768211
Comment: Also feeding on Thistle with above butterflies were 2 Gold Spot and 5 Antler Moths.
Ina Smith
14 August
White-letter Hairstreak
Ainsdale NNR SD304(20) 112(53)
Comment: Female observed nectaring on Ragwort for c.10 mins in glorious sunshine before it flew away. Unable to relocate it. Got close views down to 12 inches with photos taken. Never seen one before and can't find any record of this species at this site on the web(apart from a dead one in a spiders web on 21st July!)
Margaret & John Gibson
14 August Small Copper (1), Common Blue (1) Speckled Wood (2), Peacock (1), Meadow Brown (3) & Gatekeeper (1) Pebble Hook Tip (moth) Ainsdale NNR SD303113 Margaret & John Gibson
14 August Small Copper (1), Peacock (3), Common Blue (5), Meadow Brown (6) & Gatekeeper (1) Ainsdale sandhills adj. to Coastal Road SD304113
Comment: All feeding on ragwort. One MB observed gliding for 4-5 secs like a Vanessid!
Margaret & John Gibson
14 August Peacock (3) & Small Tortoiseshell (1)
Pinfold Lane, Ainsdale SD304111
Comment: All feeding on Buddleija
Margaret & John Gibson
12 August 3 purple hairstreak, 1 comma Healey Dell, Rochdale SD880162
Comment: purple hairstreak seen from north west corner of viaduct
Kevin Lister, John Hallsworth & Dave Ousey
12 August Common Blue 4, Meadow Brown Warton Crag Quarry Car Park SD 491 724
Comment: About 16:30 in dull weather
Martin & Jenny Elsworth
12 August Purple Hairstreak 5, Peacock, Speckled Wood 4, Meadow Brown many Myers Allotment, Silverdale SD 474 750
Comment: Dull but some patchy sun at 15:30
Martin & Jenny Elsworth
10 August Grayling 10, Common Blue loads, Small Copper 1, Meadow Brown lots Sefton Dunes near Pontins HC SD 284 113
Comment: I think the Grid Ref is ok. It was a lovely hot day the CB were never still; Strangely they didn't open their wings when they landed like they normily do in hot sunshine.
Maria Pilling
10 August Small Tortoiceshell. (1- fresh individual), Small Skipper (1), Wall Brown (3), Meadow Brown (8), Gatekeeper (2), Large White (1) & Small White (2) Former sandworks at Marshside RSPB Reserve SD352206 Margaret & John Gibson
10 August White Letter Hairstreak 1, Ringlet 1, others included Small Skippers, Small Heath, Small Tortoiseshell, Meadow Browns Summit, Littleborough SD 947188
Comment: Elm on north side of track leading from side of the Summit pub across the canal adjacent to reservoir overflow channel, the Ringlet in the rough grassland immediately opposite the entrance to Summit Quarry NR. Both are first records for Littleborough area.
Richard Greenwood
9 August Purple Hairstreak 1 Snig Hole Helmshore SD 778 213 J Hallsworth
8 August Purple Hairstreak 3 Healey Dell, Rochdale SD 880 162
Comment: 3 flying at top of oaks at the north side of the viaduct
J Hallsworth
8 August Peacock (1), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Gatekeeper (c40), Small White (1), Speckled Wood (1), Small Skipper (5), Green-veined White (4), Meadow Brown (c15) Lightshaw Meadows (LWT), Wigan. SJ 613 999 Ian Woosey
7 August Holly Blue (1f), Common Blue (1m), Comma (1), Gatekeeper (20+), Large White (3), Speckled Wood (2), Small Skipper (10+), Green-veined White (2), Meadow Brown (c10) Haigh Country Park, Wigan. SD 594 071
Comment: Sightings from the Whelley Loop Line/Aspull Sough area. Not seen Common Blue at this site before.
Ian Woosey
6 August Large White 13, Small White 13, Green Veined White 6, Small Tortoiseshell 21, Gate keeper 9, Meadow Brown 18, Circular walk from below Moorbottom Road to A676 along to Loe Farm back ro Moorbottom, Ramsbottom SD7715
Comment: The most Butterflies I have seen in a day,from 12:40 to 14:10
Mike Horwood
5 August Large white 2,Gatekeeper 17, Meadow Brown 1 above Moor Bottom Road, below Holcombe Hill SD777160 Mike Horwood
5 August 12 gatekeeper, 3 speckled wood, 6 small tortoiseshell, 20 meadow brown, 6 small white, 5 large skipper Holden Vale, Rossendale SD777222
Comment: possibly the highest count recorded in Rossendale for gatekeeper, which is a relatively new colonist here.
Kevin Lister
5 August minimum of 10 purple hairstreaks, 1 speckled wood, 12 meadow brown, 2 green veined white & 12 small skipper Lumb Wood, Rossendale SD786194
Comment: following a report from Ina Smith of 3 probable purple hairstreaks in this area in 2011 it's nice to confirm there is an apparently thriving colony here
Kevin Lister
3 August White-letter Hairstreak West lancashire SD 4530 1047
Comment: This followed sighting, with photographs from the same area in 2010.
John Watt
3 August 1 holly blue Kay Street, Rawtenstall, Rossendale SD810226
Comment: A scarce butterfly in Rossendale seen by John Hallsworth
Kevin Lister
30 July Numerous Small Copper, Small Skipper, 6+ Gatekeppers,4/5 Common Blue(male & female),1 Comma, 3 Forester moths AINSDALE NNR, Coastal road entrance, 100 metres into reserve, bet. tarmac road and railway line, on ragwort SD 304112
Comment: 17°c Quite warm out of the strong westerly wind
Russ Briers
30 July Green-veined white.female Ormskirk SD403074
Comment: On watercress in my garden pond
Kath. Holding
27 July Meadow Brown Garden,Laneshawbridge SD 915 407 Peter Macro
24 July Painted Lady Heaton Park, Manchester SD834038 Archie Simpson
24 July Green Viened White, Meadow Brown, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Speckled Wood,Small Skipper Chorley SD 598 176 Gary
23 July Small Tortoise 1,Gatekeeper 9, Meadow Brown 2 Below Holcombe Hill above Moor Bottom Road SD777160 Mike Horwood
22 July Red Admiral Burnley Road East, Lumb, Rossendale SD 836 423
Comment: It was sat on a dandelion. Flew away and then came back to the same dandelion
Jackie Willis
22 July Meadow Brown (30+), Ringlet(1), Red Admiral(1), Comma (2), Speckled Wood (1), Small Tortoiseshell (1), Small White (2), Large White (1), 5 Spot Burnet Moth (1). Myers Allotment, Silverdale. SD 474 749 Brian Snell
22 July Purple Hairstreak (5), Red Admiral (1), Peacock (1), Comma (3), Gatekeeper (c15), Small Tortoiseshell (8), Small Skipper (3), Large Skipper (1) Windy Bank Wood (FC), nr Leigh SJ683 972
Comment: Numerous Small Whites, Green-veined Whites, and large numbers of Meadow Browns also seen.
Ian Woosey
22 July Grayling Cabin Hill LNR SD278057
Comment: Very bright, fresh specimin. Our first of year
John & Margaret Gibson
22 July Small Skipper (3), Meadow Brown (16) & Gatekeeper (4) Lifeboat Road Road, Formy and Ravenmeols LNR SD273062 (centre point)
Comment: Cool, breezy evening
John & Margaret Gibson
22 July Small Skipper (12), Small Copper (8), Meadow Brown (4) & Gatekeeper (1) Ainsdale NNR SD294099
Comment: Same evening as the BC-led walk afternoon at same site
John & Margaret Gibson
21 July Bordered White [moth] Bupalus piniaria Ainsdale NNR: SD303110
Comment: male resting on tree leaf in late evening
John & Margaret Gibson
21 July Small Skipper (24), Small Copper (7) & Meadow Brown (30) & Gatekeeper (2) Ainsdale NNR close to Natural England office SD303108
Comment: Same evening as the BC-led walk afternoon at same site
John & Margaret Gibson
21 July Small Skipper (4), Small Copper (2) & Meadow Brown (8) Ainsdale NNR close to Natural England office SD303113 John & Margaret Gibson
21 July Large Skipper (1), SmaLl Copper (1) & Meadow Brown (1) Sand dunes adjacent to Coastal Road, Ainsdale SD403113 John & Margaret Gibson
21 July Comma 3, Red Admiral 2, Small Tortoiseshell 1, Gatekeeper 3, Medow Browns - loads, Large White 3, Large Skipper 1, Cinnabar 1, Peacock Larvae 500+, Small Tortoiseshell larvae 2 batches Brockholes Reserve, Preston SD585305
Comment: BC organised walk - 24 present - sunny and warm - c. 3 miles
James Hide
21 July Scotch Argus Arnside Knott SD455774
Comment: 2 seen mid-afternoon in weak sunshine
John Edwards
21 July Dingy Footman, Yellow Shell, Shaded Broad-bar Ainsdale NNR SD 303 113
Comment: These were in addition to Ina's post, if any one would like a photo of the Dark Green Fritillary please contact me.
Archie Simpson
21 July Meadow Brown 200, Gatekeeper 50, Small Copper 150, Small Skipper 150, Large Skipper 1, Large White 2, Comma 1, Speckled Wood 1, Dk Green Fritillary 8, White-letter Hairstreak 1 dead in spider web, Forester Moth 15. Ainsdale NNR. SD 303 113
Comment: BC Lancs branch event lead by Richard Walker
Ina Smith, Richard Walker, et al.
21 July Small Skipper 15, Northern Brown Argus 7, Dark Green Fritillary 6, Ringlet 1, Grayling 1, Meadow Brown C.50, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Large White 1, Green Veined White 5, Comma 1 Warton Crag SD493728 N Godden
21 July Dark Green Fritillary too many to count, High Brown Fritillary 8, Meadow Brown also too many to count as was Ringlet and Small Skipper, Graylings 8 Gait Barrows NNR: SD478 774 Maria Pilling
19 July Medow Browns - loads, Tortoiseshell.-1, Small Pearl Boardered Fritillary-10+, High Brown Fritillary-10+, Ringlet 6, Cinnabar-3 Hutton Roof Crags SD 568785 James Hide
19 July Gate Keeper , Meadow Brown Sefton Dunes Southport SD284 105
Comment: The weather was cloudy at first, we saw lots of Meadow Brown but only 1 Gate Keeper. even when the sun came out, Nothing!
Maria Pilling
18 July 17 Meadow Brown, 7 Small Skipper, 4 Large Skipper, 4 Speckled Wood, 1 Small Tortoiseshell, 1 Ringlet Bircle Church Wood, Heywood SD827123
Comment: A handful of Ringlet sightings here in 2011
Richard Greenwood
15 July 3 ringlets, 1 speckled wood, 20 meadow brown, 12 large skipper, 4 small skipper, 4 small tortoiseshells & at least 120 caterpillars on nettles Spring Mill Reservoir, Whitworth, Rossendale SD875172
Comment: As far as I am aware these are the first ringlets seen in Rossendale. All butterflies on the derelict land between Wallbank Estate and the dam wall of the reservoir
Kevin Lister
14 July White-letter hairstreak (2) Devonshire Road Rock Gardens, Bispham SD317386 David McGrath
14 July Gatekeeper (1), Small Tortoiseshell (1), Small Skipper (8), Large Skipper (1), Speckled Wood (2), Meadow Brown (c35). Haigh Country Park, Wigan SD 589 081
Comment: Majority of sightings from Lady Mabels Wood (WT). Also a couple of distant Whites.
Ian Woosey
12 July Small Tortoiseshell (2), Small Skipper (2), Speckled Wood (1) Princess Road, Ashton-in-Makerfield SJ585990 David Broome
12 July Dark Green Fritillary (1), Purple Hairstreak (1), Comma (1), Small Skipper (1), Large White (1), Speckled Wood (2), Meadow Brown (15+), Green-veined White (1). Myers Allotment (BC), Silverdale SD 474 749
Comment: Sightings between 15:40 and 18:00 hrs. (Of interest, but just out of area [in Westmorland], 15+ Large Heaths on the wing at Meathop Moss CWT midday).
Ian Woosey
11 July Comma 2, Sm. Tort. 2, Meadow Brn. 10+ Brockholes Nature Reserve, Preston SD 585305
Comment: Dry with sunny spells. Habitat very impressive
James Hide
11 July Small Tortoiseshell, Small Skipper Low Hall Park, Hindley, Wigan SD 612036
Comment: 2 individual STs: one quite faded, one fresh.. First SS of year
John Gibson
8 July Painted Lady Jubilee Park, Ashton-in-Makerfield SJ575995
Comment: feeding on flower of Lime sp.
David Broome
7 July High Brown Fritillary 6, Grayling 10+, N Brown Argus 3 Gait Barrows NNR SD480775
Comment: Sunny afternoon, plentiful butterflies at last - enjoyed an inquisitive Grayling settling on my shirt
Simon Fenner
7 July Dark Green Fritillary 3, Meadow Brown 20+, White 2 Myers Allotment SD472750
Comment: Warm, sunny intervals, surprised only to see DGFs (clear sight of underwing), and Meadows/Whites
Simon Fenner
7 July High Brown Fritillary (3), Dark Green Fritillary (1), Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary (1), Northern Brown Argus (4), Grayling (4), Ringlet (c20), Small Skipper (c8), Large Skippers, Meadow Browns, Speckled Woods Gait Barrows NNR (NE), Silverdale SD 482 768

Ian Woosey
5 July Common Blue 1, Meadow Brown numerous, Ringlet several, Large Skipper 1, All very fresh. Speckled Wood 2 worn Salt Hill Quarry Clitheroe SD 755425
Comment: brief sunny interludes
Meurig Garbutt
5 July Ringlet (1) Warton Crag Nature Reserve, LWT SD492730 Steve Ryder
5 July Grayling (1), Northern Brown Argus (4), Large Skipper (5), Meadow Brown (c25), Speckled Wood (6), Silver Y (3), Six-spot Burnet (2). Myers Allotment (BC), Silverdale SD 474 749
Comment: The Grayling was on the limestone pavement near to bird-box No.16
Ian Woosey
4 July Ringlet (15+), Meadow Brown (1), Large Skipper (3), Speckled Wood (2) Deanshut Clough, Oldham SD938 030
Comment: A couple of hours late morning in damp and miserable weather; the drizzle lifting only momentarily.
Ian Woosey
3 July Red Admiral (1) Heysham Moss Nature Reserve SD425604
Comment: My first of the year!
Steve Ryder
3 July Small Blues 6, Sm. Tortoiseshell 1, Batch Peacock larvae 2nd instar, 3 large Fritillaries? Lupton SD 808548
Comment: Circular walk - Hutton Roof - Lupton - Hutton Roof. Neither blues nor Frits.would settle. No sign of kidney vetch? Weather cloudy but dry & warm.
James Hid
30 June Bordered White Turton: SD727143
Comment: On the road side adjacent to grazing fields
Gordon Wyse
29 June large heath (7+) Winmarleigh Moss SSSI: SD 44 47
Comment: casual sightings from small part of site
Steve Ryder
27 June Meadow Brown (1m), Large Skipper (6+), Large White (1), Speckled Wood (1), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Green-veined White (5+). Astley Moss SSSI (LWT), nr Leigh SJ698 972 Ian Woosey
27 June Ringlet 2 Deanshutt Clough, Oldham SD9303 Steve Smith
26 June Large Skipper Turton SD720147
Comment: 4 seen on Bilberry adjacent to rough ground and grazing land
Gordon Wyse
26 June Small Tortoiseshell 2 Yarrow Valley Park Chorley SD 575 155
Comment: The weather was cloudy/sunny. the thistles just coming out, when we spotted the STS's.They were in perfact condition.So assumed they'd not been out too long.
Maria Pilling
20 June Meadow Brown (male) Haughton Dale LNR, Hyde: SJ9493 Steve Smith
18 June Brimstone Blackpool SD3236
Comment: Male. Very scarce on the Fylde.
Stephen Dunstan
6 June Small Copper (1), Large White (1), Small Tortoiseshell (1), Speckled Wood (1). Haigh Country Park, Wigan SD589 088 Ian Woosey
17 June Large Skipper Ainsdale NNR (in picnic area alongside railway line) SD299105
Comment: First of year, a fresh male feeding on Bramble for around half an hour
Margaret & John Gibson
4 June Duke of Burgandy 2 , Pearl Bordered Fritillary 2, Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary 3, Dingy Skipper 2, Large Skipper 3 Gait Barrows SD478 774 Maria Pilling
4 June
"White" Small Pearl Bordered Fritilary 2
Boloria selene ab. pallida
Photo by Maria Pilling © 2012
Gait Barrows SD478 774
Comment: The White SPBF looked fresh, couldn't believe my eyes at first, I thought it was a white butterfly until it landed just in front of me.
Comment from Laura Sivell - " A rare aberration. I've only ever seen them with white patches instead of orange before, never a complete butterfly in real life although I've seen pictures of them in books. It's caused by extreme temperature fluctuations in the pupal stage."
Maria Pilling
1 June Angle Shades Turton Golf Course SD726146 Gordon Wyse
1 June Wall 1 Ormstons Farm nr Horwich SD 645126 G Ashworth
30 May Green Hairstreak, Small Heath off Greens Arms Road, Near Chapeltown SD 716168 Gordon Wyse
29 May Burnet companion moth (1) Heysham Nature ReserveSD 407 600 Steve Ryder
29 May Wall 5, Small Heath 3, Small Copper 3, Orange Tip and Green Veined White Greenbooth Quarry - Naden Wood area Upper Naden Valley. SD853154 G Ashworth
28 May Large Skipper (1) Warton Crag SD494724
Comment: May be a UK first too - have sent details to BC UK First sightings
Simon Fenner
27 May Duke of Burgundy (3), Dingy Skipper (3), Pearl Bordered Fritillary (4), Small White, Common Blue, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Orange Tip. Gaitbarrows NNR SD 483775
Comment: Weather very sunny & warm. Duke of Burgundys were flying when I arrived at 09.30
Steven Brown
26 May Common Blue (male) Haydock St Helens SJ 556 971
Comment: First of the year on this site. Even in this glorious weather there is a paucity of butterflies in this
George Anderton
26 May Peach Blossom moth Bury Old Road, Heywood SD 844 106

Comment: settled on brickwork

G Ashworth
26 May Wall 2, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Cinnabar moth 1 Cob Castle Road nr Haslingden SD 775 234 G Ashworth
24 May Common blue Heysham Nature Reserve SD 407 600
Comment: 80+ on the wing, including 12-15 females
Steve Ryder
24 May Brimstone, Small White, Common Blue 3, Small Heath numerous, Dingy Skipper 1, Wall 1, Speckled Wood 2, Green Hairstreak 1, Pearl Bordered Fritillary numerous. Warton Cragg Lancs. SD 495727
Comment: All specimens appeared pristine as if newly emerged.
23 May Green Hairstreak, 53, Green Veined White 3 Small Copper 5, Small Heath 1, Green Veined White 8, Orange Tip 3 females, Peacock 4 Birchen Holts Upper Naden Nalley nr Rochdale SD 844175 G Ashworth
23 May Orange Tip 8 males 4 females, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Green Veined White 4 Royds Brook nr Red Lumb nr Rochdale SD 845155 G Ashworth
23 May Duke Of Burgundy 3- 4 (same area) , Pearl Bordered Fritillary (4) - same area as DOB, Dingy Skipper (1), Peacock , Speckled Wood (2) Gait Barrows NNR SD48.77
Comment: Time 10.30 - 12.30 , Very sunny and warm. NE cordoned off sections -- the DOB were fluttering between 2
( has anyone lost some sunglasses at the site ?? }
John Cobham
22 May Duke of Burgundy, Dingy Skipper, Small Copper, Brimstone, Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Green Hairstreak, Orange-tip, Speckled Wood Gaitbarrows NNR SD 48.77
Comment: Ideal conditions today, eight species, although Duke of Burgundy scarce.
Michael Foley
22 May 2 Small Copper, 1 Painted Lady, 9 Green Hairstreak, 1 Mother Shipton Moth Upper Naden Valley Nr Rochdale SD 8517 and 8516
Comment: Green Veined Whites, Orange Tip,Peacock,Small Tortoiseshell,Speckled Wood also seen
G Ashworth
22 May Duke of Bergundy,Pearl Bordered Fritillary,Green Hairstreak & White spotted Sable Moth (Anania funebris) Gait Barrows SD4877
Comment: White Spotted Sable moth photographed same area as DoB.
Stuart Parker
22 May Large White (1f), Brimstone (1m), Peacock (4), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Orange-tip (many), Green-veined White (3), Silver-ground Carpet Astley Moss SSSI (LWT), nr Leigh SJ701 977 Ian Woosey
21 May Green Hairstreak (1), Orange-tip (6), Green-veined White (3), Peacock (2) Burnt Edge, Horwich Moors SD668 125 Ian Woosey
21 May Wall (2 males) Small Copper, Small White, Small Tortoiseshell and a few Common Blue (all males) In and around former sand plant adjacent to RSPB Reserve, Southport SD3520 Steve Smith
17 May Wall Hightown dunes SD296024
Comment: At least five individuals on the wing.
Pete Kinsella
13 May Small Copper (1) Strinesdale, Oldham SD958071 Steve Smith
12 May Small Heath(1), Pearl Bordered Fritillary(6), Green Hairstreak (6) Warton Crag SD49278 72638
Comment: sunny, cool wind
Gill Jakeman
12 May Orange Tip(8), Peacock(2), Broad-bodied Chaser(1) Myers Allotment, Silverdale SD 474748
Comment: Weather sunny intervals,14c,but cool wind,Orange Tip mainly left of main entrance, Broad-bodied Chaser a little high left on ride.
Russ Briers
12 May Duke of Burgundy(1), Green hairstreak(1), Peacock(4), Speckled wood(2) Gait Barrows NNR SD 4877
Comment: D.O.B. seen in N/East area, on path between taped off area's, only 1 seen. All above b/flies seen in North East of reserve, 3-4pm
Russ Briers
12 May Holly Blue(1), Orange Tip(1), Comma(1), Peacock(4)Green-veined White(6) Brook Vale NR SJ 333 398 Charlie Fletcher
12 May Duke-Of-Burgandy, Peacock Gait Barrows: SD473774
Comment: The weather was sunny, the wind cold,we only saw the one D-O-B. Other people saw some but olnly one at a time.
Maria Pilling
06 May Orange tip Garden, Earby, Lancashire SD900 459
Geraldine Barnes
06 May Green-veined White (1), Small White (2), Peacock (4) and Orange-tip (3) Brockholes Wetlands Nature Reserve SD 58 30
Comment: Small sheltered area with some intermittent sun:
Michael Foley
06 May Green hairstreak (2) Heysham Moss Nature Reserve SD 423 608
Comment: Previously unrecorded colony?
Reuben Neville
06 May Wall Hightown dunes, Merseyside SD 296 024
Comment: First of the season.
Pete Kinsella
06 May Small White Laneshawbridge SD 915 407
Comment: one only.good condition flew of when approached
Peter Macro
03 May Orange Tip, Peacock Whalley Abbey SD 733 364
Comment: My frist sighting of OT near the Abbey . Peacocks seem to have had a good year their everywhere.
Maria Pilling
03 May Speckled Wood Woodland near Turton Golf Course SD727147 Gordon Wyse
03 May Green Veined White Bradshaw, Bolton SD735123
Comment: Mating pair
Gordon Wyse
02 May Orange Tip, Peacock, Green Veined White ,Small White,Speckled Wood Small Tortoiseshell Hall-Lee-Brook Westhoughton SD659 060
Comment: Lots of Orange Tips, very few female OT, I saw about one.
Maria Pilling
02 May Speckled Wood Dog Kennel Wood (Woodland Trust) Bamber Bridge SD 554 273
Comment: Warm morning. Settled on Ransoms. In very good condition.
Andy Rowett
02 May Holly blue (1) Sunderland village, Sunderland Point, Nr. Lancaster SD 425 560
Comment: Single individual seen along the bridleway into the village
Steve Ryder
02 May Orange tip (5 males/2 fem.), Peacock (1) Amberswood Common SBI, Ince nr. Wigan SD6003
Comment: Orange tips were first of year for me
J. Gibson
02 May Small White (3), Speckled Wood (1), Orange-tip (2m,2f), Green-veined White (9), Peacock (8), Small Tortoiseshell (5) Marshside RSPB, Southport SD353 206
Comment: Most sightings from around the fringes of Crossens In Marsh and the Sandplant area. The Speckled Wood was a surprise.
Ian Woosey
30 April Small Tortoiseshell Laneshawbridge COLNE SD915 407
Comment: found in garden after hibernation taken indoors for warmth.
Peter Macro
30 April Orange-tip (2 Males), Green-veined White (1), Peacock (8), Small Tortoiseshell (6) Longworth Clough NR (LWT), Egerton SD700 148 Ian Woosey
24 April Small White 1 MY Back Garden Westhoughton SD652055
Comment: The butterfly didn't land, it circled round before flying off, The afternoon was much warmer than the day before but still didn't see any more flying.
Maria Pilling
23 April Peacocks 3: Gait Barrows NNR, Silverdale SD 473774
Comment: Very cold day but we did get some Sun and out came the 3 Peacocks. No other BFs encounted . The Primroses were already for the Dukes when they do appear.
Maria Pilling
20 April OrangeTip 1male 1 female Cuerden Valley Park Southern End SD 575219
Comment: Cool day both resting on Dandelions 1mtr from each other.
Andy Rowett
20 April Green Hairstreak Birk Bank, Clougha SD 528 604
Comment: 3 seen late on a cool afternoon, roosting amongst bilberry behind sheltering gorse
Steve Ryder
20 April Small White(one), Small Copper(one) Back garden, Fleetwood, Lancs. SD 324 469
Comment: We seem to be getting some butterflies' first sighting about 2 weeks earlier than usual.I suppose it has been caused by our odd weather patterns.
Valerie Leather
20 April Green Veined White 2 Speckled Wood 2 Wyre country Park Fleetwood: SD 357-431
Comment: The Green Veined White was in good condition,the Speckled wood had lost part of it's left wing. the weather has been rough though. This was my first Sighting of a GVW.
Maria Pilling
16 April Orange tip, Large white, Small white, Green-veined white, Peacock, Small tortoiseshell. , Oglet Shore Speke near Liverpool SJ 431 816
Comment: I also saw a Common lizard the first Iv seen there. A good day out.
H Macaulay
16 April Orange Tip 1,Small White 2 Ainsdale Dunes Southport SD 303113
Comment: Weather really good today, didn't manage to photo,both were in mint condition and very Quick.
Maria Pilling
15 April Speckled Wood Hall-Lee-Brook, Westhoughton: SD 659 060
Comment: I saw about 3 they looked very fresh
Maria Pilling
15 April Common Blue Back garden, Fleetwood, Lancs. SD 324 469
Comment: Not many butterflies yet, this year, but weather has played havoc with plants, so not much to attract them.
Valerie Leather
15 April Small Peacock My front garden SD 563 261
Comment: The butterfly was lying on the front door step before moving as I approached the door.
Stephen Smith
12 April Speckled Wood (1), Small Tortoiseshell (1) Rural garden, Heysham SD443603 Judith Brown
11 April Comma Garden, Harwood BL2 3LA, SD 740119 Gordon Wyse
11 April Orange Tip Bradshaw, Bolton : SD735123 Gordon Wyse
11 April Orange Tip Back Garden, Hatfield Ave, Fleetwood: SD 324 469
Comment: Fisrt this year, but we have lots of solitary bees, so I may have missed other butterflies. Will take more notice.
Valerie Leather
5 April Small Tortoiseshell 5 Hall-Lee-Brook Westhoughton SD659 060
Comment: After this date the weather was awful
Maria Pilling
5 April Small Tortoiseshell Haigh Plantations: Bottling Wood , Wigan SD 588 067 David Broome
Peter Macro
1 April Speckled Wood Skitters Wood, Ashton-in-Makerfield SJ 571 993
Comment: very fresh, immaculate condition
David Broome
29 March Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell Quick SD 977036 Paul Titmuss
28 March Peacock Goosnargh SD574373
Comment: Sunny - 17 C
James Hide
28 March Holly Blue Birch Street garden Birkdale SD 339 156
Comment: My first of the year
Philip Collins
28 March Speckled Wood Princess Pit Site Haydock SJ 556 971
Comment: Then first sighting of Speckled Wood this year. Peacocks seem to be in much greater abundance this Spring.
George Anderton
27 March Orange Tip (Male), Brimstone, Comma, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock Nob End SSSI SD 749 063
Comment: My First Orange Tip of the year (just one).
Stephen Cartwright
26 March Small Tortoiseshell-2 Goosnargh SD574373
Comment: Warm-20 C!
James Hide
26 March Small Tortoiseshell (5) Haigh Country Park, Wigan SD 586 085
Comment: Around Rothwells Farm, off Sennicar Lane
Ian Woosey
26 March Tortoiseshell, peacock, comma , small white Fulwood, Preston SD 528 320
Comment: Seen in gardens
Dinesh Patel
26 March Peacocks; Small Tortoishells Bolton Abbey.SE 072 540
Comment: 3 or 4 of each species in and around the grounds and river bank.
Alan Mayor
26 March Orange Tip (M) Avenham Park, Preston SD 54-28
Comment: also at least 2no small white
Steve Smith
25 March Speckled Wood Heysham Nature Reserve SD4060
Comment: Earliest known record at HNR?
Pete Marsh
25 March Brimstone Pendleton, Lancashire SD 755 397
Comment: solitary specimen in flight.
Alan Mayor
25 March Peacock Edge of Birley Wood, Shevington nr. Wigan SD 554 082
Comment: 4, incl. 2 seen spiral upwards together. Also saw 1 Comma. Both species first of 2012
Margaret & John Gibson
25 March Comma (2), Peacock (6), Small Tortoiseshell (1) Wrightington Hospital, Appley Bridge SD 529 106
Comment: Seen in the grounds. One very tatty Peacock had both of its hindwings missing but was still mobile and even chased another Peacock away!
Ian Woosey
25 March Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Comma, Speckled Wood, Small White Oglet Shore Speke near Liverpool SJ 431 81
6 As I walked along the river I saw lots of Small Tortoiseshells 20 Peacocks 6 Small Whites 2 Speckled Woods and 1 Comma.
H Macaulay
25 March Peacocks, Tortoiseshell, Comma, Large White, Red Admiral Brockholes Nature Reserve sd 585 309
Comment: on a glorious sunny early spring day while leading a guided walk over 40 insects where seen mainly peacocks and tortoiseshell 2 pais seen mating
Andy Small
25 March Orange Ubderwing (day flying moth), Peacock (3), Brimstone Trowbarrow (Quarry) LNR, Silverdale. SD 481 759
Comment: The Orange Underwing was flying low around Silver Birch
Jenny Elsworth
24 March Small Tortoiseshell Worsley Mesnes, Wigan SD570033
Comment: 1 flying high over house at 9:50 am. First butterfly sighting of 2012
24 March Speckled Wood Small , Small Tortoiseshell, Comma Sefton Park Liverpool SJ 378 881
Comment: I saw the Speckled Wood in my back garden.
H Macaulay
24 March Brimstone Heysham Nature Reserve SD4060 Pete Marsh
24 March 2 Peacocks,1 Comma Sankey Valley SJ533 965
Comment: First sightings of 2012.
George Anderton
24 March Peacock (3) Haigh Country Park, Wigan SD 590 081
Comment: Seen in Lady Mabels Wood
Ian Woosey
23 March Small White Hattersley Estate, Mottram SJ 989949
Comment: Same area as last year but a day later!!
Steve Smith
23 March Small Tortoiseshell Garden Centre, Burnley: SD858313
Comment: First sighting of the year
David Webster
22 March 1 Brimstone, 2 Comma, 2 Peacock Haigh Country Park, Wigan: SD 594 071
Comment: Around Aspull Sough minewater treatment ponds.
Ian Woosey
20 March Comma,Small Tortoiseshell,Peacock River Douglas footpath, Wigan Town Centre SD587062
Comment: footpath alongside River Douglas from Wigan town centre to Coppull Lane dam
David Broome
20 March Small Tortoiseshell, Comma Sefton park Liverpool SJ 378 881
Comment: They were both feeding on the same Dandelion flower.
H Macaulay
20 March Small Tortoiseshell Garden , Radcliffe, Manchester. SD770 072
Comment: First butterfly 18 days earlier than last years
Archie Simpson
18 March Comma Wrea Green SD397 315
Comment: Recorded by my sister via Sussex!
Caroline Clarke
18 March Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock Seven Acres LNR, Bolton SD 737 098 Stephen Cartwright
18 March Peacock Horwich Moors SD663 125
Comment: Along the footpath adjacent to Adam Hill conifer plantation
Ian Woosey
17 March Peacock Leyland SD 553 231
Comment: It was in my garage but then flew into the garden
Mr C Cann
12 March Peacock Gateacre, Liverpool SJ 425 881
Comment: Found in my driveway yesterday morning, unable to fly away. Assumed it was too cold. Now residing in my hone, as weather is unfavourable. Tried to allow it freedom this morning, and it refused. Will try again when it is sunny. According to Butterfly Conservation charity, they believe it is last year's butterfly as still early in season and coloring a bit faded...
Lori Coates
2 March Small Tortoiseshell Lawson's Meadow, Aughton Woods NR. SD 537 661 Steve Ryder
2 March Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock Oglet shore Speke near Liverpool. SJ 440 814
Comment: The first butterflies Iv seen this year
1 March Small Tortoiseshell Hawkley Hall, Wigan SD575031
Comment: On an area of public open space where Hawkley Hall used to stand
David Broome
1 March 1 Comma Aughton Lancs SD 399 047
Comment: Back garden, Beautiful sunny day and precedes last years record for our garden by 13 days.Brilliant!!
Stuart Parker


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