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Butterfly Sightings for 2011
Including day flying moths

See previous years' sightings here

Date Seen Butterfly Location Seen By
16 December Small tortoiseshell Lancaster: SD478638
Comment: In a sunny spell, this butterfly was in my garden. It flew into the conservatory where I caught it and transferred it to an overwintering cage in the garage.
Laura Sivell
11 December Large White Butterfly Larvae Liverpool, L5 3SW: SJ351914
Comment: I found several large White Larvae feeding on Nasturtium at 11.30 am on 11/12/2011. I know this is extremely late in the season.Is this a record?
Laura Sivell comments; "I’ve had LW larvae in November before, so with such a mild September it seems reasonable some of the summer's pupae hatched and produced a very late adult generation, which went on to lay eggs that hatched into larve."
Paul Finnegan
19 November 3 Red Admirals St Michaels station, Aigburth, Liverpool SJ 367 869
Comment: I saw one flying and two feeding on Ivy.
17 November Red Admiral St Michales station, Aigburth, Liverpool. SJ 367 869
Comment: I saw five feeding and sunning on Ivy.
13 November Red Admiral St Michales station, Aigburth, Liverpool. SJ 367 869
Comment: I saw eight all feeding and sunning on a big patch of Ivy.
15 October 1 small copper, 2 speckled wood, 10 red admiral Leighton Moss SD4774
Comment: quite late for small copper?
Robin Eddleston
13 October Red Admiral 1, Speckled Wood 1, Green Veined White 1, Small Tortoiseshell 2, Comma 11. Gristlehurst Wood, Heywood: SD 848115
Comment: The Gristlehurst Wood area along with three other areas nearby has recorded significant numbers of the common species in 2011 but 11 Commas is a local record.
Richard Greenwood / Gavin Ashworth
3 October Small Tortoiseshell 15, Red Admiral 10, +Unidentified White's 3 Rufford Public footpath next to river / Not Canal side SD 466155
Comment: This is the raised footpath across fields after turning right from Station carpark.
Long grass / Thistles /Fantastic to see so many.
Stuart Parker
28 September Red Admiral 10+, Small Tortoiseshell 10+, Comma 2, Peacock, Painted Lady Fulwood Preston SD 534 324
Comment: All species have been around all week, they particularly enjoy Aster 'Rosa Sieger'.
John McHarrie
26 September 8 Red Admiral, 1 Comma, 1 Small Tortiseshell Borwick Close, Warton, Carnforth. SD502725
Comment: Nectaring all within 2m of each other on ivy blossom.
Martin Elsworth
25 September Red Admiral Pimbo Garden Centre, UpHolland, West Lancs. SD 508032
Comment: 5 feeding on a large Phlox plant. Two individuals were in pristine condititon and were the biggest butterflies I've ever seen, being a third bigger than usual!
John Gibson
24 September Painted Lady 10 George Lane, Read. SD 764 346 Mrs. Christine Ashton
23 September Peacock 10 George Lane, Read. SD 764 346 Mrs. Christine Ashton
13 September Large White Silverdale SD463754
Comment: In many years recording butterflies, this is the latest I have seen the above in the UK.
David Hill
4 September Wall Brown (3), Small Copper (18), Meadow Brown (2), Green Veined White (2), Small White (1), Peacock (1), Painted Lady (1) Greeenbooth Farm Ruin and small quarry, Norden, Rochdale SD 859163 and 860159
Comment: The first Painted Lady I've seen this year. All on Creeping Thistles except six Small Copper, which were on Ragwort.
Richard Greenwood
4 September Clouded Yellow Warton SD 491 724
Comment: Saw one above quarry around 11am, then one possibly two next to car park 1pm
David Williamson
2 September Small Heath 3,Small Tortoiseshell 4,Wallbrown 1, Speckled Wood 4,Painted Lady 1,Small White 4,Green Veined White 1,Common Blue 3, Meadow Brown 2, Fleetwood Marsh Nature Park SD 340469
Comment: Sightings on coastal path north of above location
1 September Wall Mawr Road, Summit SD945186
Comment: second year seen here but only 1
Yvonne Mynett
1 September Painted Lady, Speckled Woods, Peacock, Red Admiral, Mead Brown. Brockholes Nature Reserve SD 586307
Comment: Sunny and warm - the only Painted Lady seen this year, fresh and possibly newly emerged.
James Hide
22 August Comma, with 4 Small Coppers and a few Gatekeepers Not far from Turton Tower, just off the Chapeltown Road. between Bromley Cross and Chapeltown. SD 734 153
Comment: At the beginning of the footpath near the pill box, on yellow flowers. The comma was there a week ago, first time I had seen one in this area, and on the same plant again today. A joy to see it again.
Judy Cobb
21 August Wall (2), Meadow Bown, Common Blue, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White In and around former sand plant RSPB Southport SD 3520 Steve Smith
18 August 1 Holly Blue, 2 Commas, 5 Peacocks, 5 Red Admirals, 2 Green Veined Whites, Goosnargh, North Preston 574373
Comment: 4 batches tort larvae on nettles
5 red admiral larvae on nettles
James Hide
17 August 16 Peacock, 8 Small Tortoiseshell, 11 Red Admirals Whitewell SD 641479
Comment: On farmland fellside thistles
James Hide
14 August Grayling (12) & Gatekeeper (4) Freshfields National Trust Reserve SD 2708
Comment: 6 Graylings seen together feeding on Ragwort, then 3 together, a few hundred yards South of Freshfields Caravan Park (SD 275084)
Margaret & John Gibson
12 August Red Admiral Wayfarer's Arcade off Lord Street, Southport SD 336173
Comment: 1 flying around entrance to arcade in dull weather. Probably looking for somewhere warm & bright (not on it's own then...)
Margaret & John Gibson
1 August Speckled Wood Lowton SJ 614 978
Comment: Photo available here:
Lexie Boardman
30 July Speckled Wood, Holly Blue, Gatekeeper, Peacock, Large White & Small White (one of each) Poolstock Lane, Wigan SD 570032
Comment: Not bad for a small suburban garden on a busy main road 2 miles from the town centre!
Margaret Gibson
27 July White Letter Hairsteark Horncliff, Rawtenstall SD 0801208
Comment: 3 flying at top of elm tree
John Hallsworth
26 July 3 White Letter Hairstreaks Helmshore SD778216 John Hallsworth
25 July High Brown Fritillary (12+),Meadow Brown (many), Peacock (many), Small Skipper (1), Red Admiral (1), Small Tortoiseshell (2), Brimstone (2), Purple Hairstreak (probable) Gait Barrows SD 481 773
Comment: Also Southern and Brown Hawker Dragonflies
Philip Collins
25 July Purple Hairstreak Ingol golf course, Preston SD 519 324
Comment: numerous purple hairstreak sighted on adjacent oak claose to road at edge of ingol golf course
25 July White Letter Hairstreak Helmshore old railway line SD778216 John Hallsworth
24 July Purple Hairstreak Western edge of Tack Lee Wood, Heywood SD845116
Comment: Sighting reported by Gavin Ashworth. A single specimen. First in the area I think.
Gavin Ashworth / Richard Greenwood
24 July Grayling (at least 11), Gatekeeper (at least 5), Meadow Brown (3) & Speckled Wood (2) Freshfields , Formby (National Trust part) SD 2708
Comment: Excellent close-up views of Grayling, incl. one feeding on Bramble only a few inches away.
Margaret & John Gibson
24 July Small Heath 17, Meadow Brown 6, Small Tortoiseshell 6, Small Skipper 2, Large White 3, Green Veined White 9, Large Skipper 6, 5 Spot Burnet 2, Rakewood, Littleborough SD 96 13
Comment: Rough Moorland above 900 feet asl, Sunny, cold wind, Most examples in a small sheltered north-facing clough with Marsh Thistles. Burnets on Spear Thistle with no larva foodplants noted nearby. Most Spear and Creeping Thistles not yet fully in flower.
Richard Greenwood
24 July Small Heath 5, Meadow Brown 6, Small Tortoiseshell 7, Small Skipper 4, Large White 2, Small White 2, Small Copper 1, Green Veined White 3, Gatekeeper 2 Rakewood Littleborough SD 95 13
Comment: Sunny cold wind, Creeping Thistle areas.
Richard Greenwood
23 July Northern Brown Argus, Grayling x10, Red Admiral x2, Small Tortoiseshell x2, Specked Wood x2, Small White, Meadow Brown 50+, Small Copper x2, Small Skipper Gait Barrows SD 481 773 David Webster
23 July Small Tortoiseshell Haydock St Helens SJ556 971
Comment: Whilst doing a Big Count founf 3 Small Tortoiseshell. Later at a different site another three. That is more in 1 day than I have seen in the last couple of years. Are they making a comeback?
George Anderton
21 July Peacock x 2 Lowton SJ 614 978 Lexie Boardman
14 July White Letter Hairstreak Park Bridge, Ashton-u-Lyne SD 9402
Comment: 10no small tortoiseshells feeding on thistles on the edge of a wooded area caught my eye - the hairstreak was also on one of the thistle heads
Steve Smith
13 July Ringlet 11 Clitheroe SD 7843
Comment: I have periodically surveyed a transect for 5 years. This is the first time I have seen a ringlet
Ralph Assheton
9 July High Brown Fritillary, Northern Brow Argus, Purple Hairstreak, Gatekeeper, Comma, Meadow Brown, Red Admiral, Green-veined White, Speckled Wood, Cinebar Moth caterpillars Myers Allotment BC Reserve, Silverdale SD 473 749 Open day visitors
9 July Red Admiral (3), Large Skipper (1- male) & Small Skipper (1) Sankey Valley CP, St Helens SJ 53 97 J. Gibson
9 July Red Admiral (5), Gatekeeper (1), Meadow Brown (3), Large White (1) & Comma (1- with only THREE wings!)
Sankey Valley CP, St Helens SJ 53 96
Comment: Comma seemed to have no trouble flying. it was certainly flying too fast to tell if it was flying with a limp!
J. Gibson
6 July Red Admiral Leighton Moss, Morecombe & Allen hides Grid_Ref: SD4773

Julie Hogg
6 July Swallotail moth Goose Green, Wigan SD 567 029
Comment: Landed on my car at the jet wash. Must've got blown out of the overhanging leylandii (along with half of its' foliage!)
J. Gibson
3 July Hummingbird Hawk Moth Appley Bridge, Wigan SD 52 09
Comment: It was feeding on lavender flowers
Margaret & Paul Wood
3 July Dark Green Frit. (3 together), Small Skipper (6), Gatekeeper (1), Small Copper (1), Meadow Brown (8) Ainsdale NNR SD2910
Comment: Gatekeeper first of year
Margaret & John Gibson
3 July Dark Green Frit. (1), Small Copper (3), Small Skipper (6), Meadow Brown (1) & Large White (1) Location: Ainsdale NNR SD3011
Comment: DGF & SS first of year
Margaret & John Gibson
3 July Dark Green Fritillary (Several), Small Copper, Small Heath, Small Skipper, Red Admiral (1), Meadow Brown, Speckled Wood, Large White. Ainsdale Nature Reserve SD29_10

Small Heath seen by Steve Smith

Steve Smith
2 July Hummingbird Hawk-moth Ainsdale nnr SD 296100
Comment: On bramble adjacent to railway
G Ashworth
30 June Small Skipper, Ringlet Ash Hill, Flixton SJ7393
Comment: The Ringlet is a new species for Flixton, not sure where the nearest colony is.
Kevin McCabe
16 June Hummingbird Hawk-moth Allotments off Stockport Road, Mossley SD 97 02
Comment: Moth was feeding on Sweet William flowers
Philip Hall
26 June Small Heath Ainsdale LNR SD 2912
Comment: 1 flying after brief shower. Also saw 2 White Satin moths, one of which was roosting on caterpillar nest which contained several coccoons.
Margaret & John Gibson
26 June High Brown Fritillary (1); Dark Green Fritillary (1); Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary (4+); Northern Brown Argus (10+); Speckled Wood (5); Meadown Brown (5); Red Admiral (1); Small Tortoiseshell (2); Common Blue (5); Small Skipper (1); Large Skipper(5) Warton Crag SD 4972

Nicholas Godden
26 June Ringlet Salthill Quarry SD 75240 42431
Comment: Located on the steps leading up to the quarry along with small tortoiseshell and meadow brown within 50m of the grid reference.
Matt Rung
25 June Small Skipper, Large Skipper, Meadow Brown

Liverpool, Aigburth, neutral grassland SJ 36928 86503 Matt Rung
20 June Magpie Moth Newhey, Rochdale SD 93 11
Comment: Excellent photograph take in the garden by the householder (not me)
Richard Greenwood
11 June 2 Speckled Woods, a Ringlet, a Large Skipper. Church Wood, Birtle Bury. SD830 122 Glenn Hutton
4 June Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary (6), Dingy Skipper, Green Hairstreak Warton Crag SD4972
Comment: Also numerous Small Heath, Common Blue, Brimstone and Speckled Wood.
Nick Godden
4 June Common Blue (4), Large Skipper (2) Princess Pit site Haydock SJ556 971
Comment: Common Blue a little late this year for this site.
George Anderton
3 June Painted Lady Cedar Lane, New Hey, Rochdale SD933114
Comment: Alwyn Smith reports a Painted Lady today in his garden
Richard Greenwood
3 June Small Heath, Green Hairstreak Rainshore, Norden, Rochdale SD854194
Comment: First Small Heath of the year and possibly last local Green Hairstreak of the year
Richard Greenwood
3 June Small Heath and Green Hairstreak Greenbooth, Norden SD832112 Richard Greenwood
3 June Large Skipper, Common Blue, Small Copper, Speckled Wood Prettywood, Heywood SD832112
Comment: This previously good butterfly site continues to contract due to deliberate tree planting excesses mandated by Rochdale Council 15 years ago. Common Blue at two other Heywood sites, (SD867167) and Sefton Street (SD850108)
Richard Greenwood
3 June Meadow Brown Flixton SJ7293
Comment: Other species noted on the wing for Flixton
Large Skipper Large White, Small White, Orange-tip, Common Blue, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock, Speckled Wood
Kevin McCabe
1 June Large Skipper Ash Hill, Flixton. SJ7393 Kevin McCabe
11 May Green Hairstreak x 3, Orange Tip x 4, Green Veined White x 4 Walker Fold, near Burnt Edge, Bolton SD672124
Comment: A personal thank you to Steve Smith, Jill Mills and Ken Haydock for pointing out this site further down the page and allowing me to see my first ever Green Hairstreak!
Stephen Cartwright
10 May 3 Pearl Bordered Fritillary, 3 Common Blue, 2 Speckled Wood Warton Crag just above the "Butterfly Glade", except Speckled Wood which were in the shade east of the " Butterfly Glade" SD495725
Comment: One of the PBF's kindly settled and allowed me to get a photo.
Brian Snell
8 May Red Admiral Ash Hill, Flixton SJ7393
Comment: First confimed sighting this year at Flixton, thought one flew through garden a couple of weeks ago but was unsure.
Kevin McCabe
6 May Common Blue Ash Hill, Flixton SJ7393
Comment: First sighting of the year
Kevin McCabe
5 May Small Copper (2), Specled Wood (1), Green Veined White (12) Denham Quarry, Brindle SD591223 Graham Dixon
1 May Common Blue Seaforth Nature Reserve SJ315975
Comment: First of the year here.
Pete Kinsella
24 April Small Copper Seaforth Nature Reserve, Merseyside SJ315975
Comment: First of the year for here.
Pete Kinsella
24 April Small Copper Broughton SD537358
Comment: Also lots of Orange Tips in SD53H, SD53I and SD53J today.
Stephen Dunstan
24 April Green Hairstreak x5 Long Causeway (between Burnley and Hebden Bridge) SD 913 281
Comment: Just on the Lancashire side of the County boundary
David Webster
21 April Duke of Burgundy x 3
Photo: David Webster,

Photo: Steve Smith

Brimstone x 4, Peacock x 5, Orange Tip 10+

Gait Barrows NNR, Silverdale SD 481 773
Comment: One of the Dukes had a blue mark on the underside of one of its forewings
Comment from Rob Petley-Jones, Warden at Gait Barrows:The Dukes that Laura is releasing as part of the Recovery Project have either a green (might look blue in some light?) mark or a red mark – green is Gait Barrows material and red is Township Plantation material.
I will be putting up a sign explaining the above, and will also be asking for any sightings (marked and unmarked Dukes) to be reported either to me or Laura so that we can get extra information on the success of the project so far. Rob.Petley-Jones@naturalengland.org.uk
Comment from Laura Sivell: There are also blue-marked and pink-marked butterflies. As much detail as possible helpful, such as which wing and where on the wing the marks are, as well as the colour. Photos would be a bonus. We also want to know about sightings of unmarked indidvuals, as these are the natural home-bred Dukes. laura.sivell@mypostoffice.co.uk
David Webster
20 April Pearl bordered Fritillary Warton Crag LNR SD 495724
Comment: My second earliest record for this site (17th April in 2003). Its alway out here before anywhere else in the Arnside Silverdale area.
Brian Hancock
20 April Holly Blue (1F),Small Tortoiseshell (2), Large White (4) Dunes between Lytham & Farhaven SD35452696
Comment: The Holly Blue (Female) was laying eggs on a cultivated (smooth leaves)Holly in a garden. Picture at http://www.flickr.com/photos/troubleatmill/5637354833/
Graham Dixon
19 April Peacock Great Plumpton, Preston SD 384 333
Comment: 2 Peacock butterlies seen at 5pm
Susan Carter
18 April 1 Brimstone Pennington Flash SJ640990 Archie Simpson
18 April Large White, Holly Blue Flixton SJ7293
Comment: First Large White for the year at Flixton
Kevin McCabe
17 April Holly Blue Flixton SJ7493
Comment: First sighting of 2011 at Flixton, also three Small Copper's at SJ7393. All other previously seen species on the wing except Comma
Kevin McCabe
17 April Common Heath moths Clougha, SD 52 60 Steve Palmer
17 April 100 Green Hairstreak Clougha, SD 52 60
Comment: BCL walk lead by Martin Wain
Steve Palmer & Martin Wain
17 April Green Hairstreak Rainshore, Norden, Rochdale SD849154
Comment: Not on the well known hillside but 100 yds NNE below the road on a sheltered patch of wimberry, Peacock and Orange Tip also present.
Richard Greenwood
17 April 3 Green Hairstreak Burnt Edge Horwich Bolton SD665125
Steve Smith
16 April 9 Green Hairstreaks Burnt Edge Horwich Bolton SD665125
Comment: First Green Hairstreak for us this year on a breezy day with sunny intervals.
Jill Mills and Ken Haydock
16 April Speckled Wood My Garden - Hoghton SD590261
Graham Dixon
10 April Orange Tip Hesketh Out Marsh RSPB Reserve, Southport SD4225
Comment: 1 male. Also saw 1 Small Tort.(and a Weasel!)
Margaret & John Gibson
10 April Small Tortoiseshell(many), Peacock, Small White(12), Green Veined White(2), Comma(3), Speckled Wood(6), Holly Blue, Orange Tip(3) Dungen Lane, Speke SJ 444 815
Comment: In all a good day
H Macaulay
10 April Peacock My Garden - Hoghton SD590261 Graham Dixon
10 April Orange Tips, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Holly Blue, Large White, Small White

Grimsargh resevoirs SD 590 345
Comment: a glorious spring day saw orange tips dancing all over, at least 30 males with the odd female, a holly blue and then plenty of tortoiseshells, a really great day
Andy Small
10 April Small Copper Flixton SJ7393
Comment: All other species seen previously this year at Flixton were also on the wing today
Kevin McCabe
10 April Orange Tip (1m) Small Toroiseshell (9) Savick Brook - Lea, Preston SD495307
Graham Dixon
10 April Red Admiral Haydock St Helens SJ554965
Comment: Beautiful pristine condition - what a wonderful few days it has been for sightings.
George Anderton
9 April Speckled Wood, Small Tortoiseshell, Holly Blue My garden in Scarisbrick, West Lancashire SD36413 14707
Comment: Seen on an unusually warm day for April.
Anne Scott-Abbott
9 April Holly Blue My Garden in Radcliffe SD770072 Archie Simpson
9 April Brimstone, Holly Blue Haydock St Helens SJ 554 965
Comment: This is my first sighting of a Brimstone in this locality for many a year.
George Anderton
9 April Red Admiral Leighton Moss RSPB Reserve, Silverdale SD 477 750
Steve Ryder
8 April Red Admiral
Warton Crag - pathway 50 mtrs left of main car Park.
SD 494 726
Comment: Warm Sunny day other sightings were : Small Tortoise shell / Brimstone /Peacock / Comma
Stuart Parker
8 April Holly Blue Lostock Hall, Preston SD 55 25
Comment: in garden
Steve Smith
8 April Orange Tip, Green-veined White
Haughton Dale SJ 94 93 Steve Smith
8 April Orange Tip (2males), Speckled Wood, Large White, Small White
Haydock, St. Hellens SJ554965
Comment: Orange Tips earliest ever for me.
George Anderton
8 April Orange Tip My Garden in Radcliffe SD770072
Comment: My first Lancashire/Manchester butterfly of the year.
Archie Simpson
6 April Green-veined White, Orange-tip

Flixton SJ7394/93
Comment: Other species on the wing today at Flixton, Brimstone, Small Tortoiseshell, Peacock and Comma
Kevin McCabe
6 April Wall Brown Ashworth Moor Reservoir, Norden, SD830152
Comment: On Reservoir Dam Wall, reported by David Winnard.
Richard Greenwood
2 April Speckled Wood Flixton SJ7293
Comment: First sighting of 2011 at Flixton
Kevin McCabe
28 March Small White Flixton SJ741938
Comment: In our garden
Jenny and Kevin McCabe
23 March Male Brimstone & Comma Poolstock Lane, Wigan SD570 033
Comment: Brimstone searching shrubs (for female?) & Comma sunbathing on fencepost
John Gibson
22 March Small White (1) Hattersley Estate, Mottram SJ 989955
Comment: My earliest ever sighting of a small white - normally not seen until early/mid April in this area
Steve Smith
22 March Comma & Peacock Near Carr Mill Dam, St Helens SJ528976
Comment: Also saw a small butterfly that looked like a small copper. Could it have been so early?
Much too erly I'm afraid but possibly an Orange Underwing, which can look similar when seen briefly in flight. (ME)
George Anderton
19 March Orange Underwing (9) Trowbarrow Quarry LNR, Silverdale SD 481 759
Comment: Flying around the tops of Silver Birch
Jenny Elsworth
19 March Brimstone Scarisbrick, West Lancs SD 394 144
Comment: Flying rapidly along Woodmoss Lane hedgerow.
John Watt
14 March Peacock Near Carr Mill Dam, St Helens SJ528976
Comment: My first sighting of 2011
George Anderton
14 March Brimstone (2males), Peacock, and Small Tortoiseshell (3) Flixton SJ 7393
Comment: My first Brimstone and Peacocks sightings for the 2011
Kevin McCabe
13 March Comma Scutchers Acres, Lathom, West Lancashire SD 4525 1060 John Watt
1 March Comma, Small Tortoiseshell (2) Flixton SJ 7393 Kevin McCabe
24 February Male Brimstone Ditton, Widnes SJ 4933 8569
Comment: Saw on my Dads Allotment.
Paul Hillyer
24 February Small Tortoiseshell Preston SD 551 259 Steve Smith
24 February Small Tortoiseshell Preston SD 513 333 Carolyn Palmer
24 February Brimstone Poolstock Lane, Worsley Mesnes, Wigan SD 570 032
Comment: Was on my way out to work when a male Brimstone flew across the front garden!I've never seen a butterfly in February before and don't usually get this species until April.
John Gibson
24 February Small Tortoiseshell Ash Hill, Flixton SJ 7393
Comment: MY first butterfly sighting for 2011
Kevin McCabe


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