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Butterfly Sightings for 2010
Including day flying moths

See previous years' sightings here

Date Seen Butterfly Location Seen By
4 October Brimstone, Speckled Wood Borwick Close, Warton SD 502 725 Martin Elsworth
2 October Comma My garden in Haydock SJ 554 965
Comment: a lovely specimen in pristine condition. The first I have seen this year
George Anderton
30 September Small Tortoiseshell RSPB Marshside, Southport SD 35 20
Comment: On Aster plants alongside Marshside Road
Ron Moyes
29 September 11 Small Copper, 1 Speckled Wood, 2 Comma, 1 Red Admiral Ainsdale Nature Reserve SD 29_10_
Comment: Nine of the small copper seen on the tract of land running parallel with the railway.
Some, not all, were of the blue spotted form caeruleo-punctata.
Steve Smith
28 September Comma In my Southport garden SD 344159
Comment: briefly in a patch of afternoon sunshine,resting on the wall.
Ron Moyes
22 September 15 Red Admiral, 2 Comma, 1 Small Tortiseshell Borwick Close, Warton SD 502 725
Comment: In dull weather on a 20ft run of flowering ivy
Martin Elsworth
20 September Comma Front garden at home address SD570032
Comment: Male resting with wings closed on front doorstep in light drizzle (after heavy rain day before)
Margaret & John Gibson
4 September Small White, Small Tortoiseshell, Small Copper (2), Gatekeeper (1f ), Common Blue (1m), Speckled Wood Bury SD 80 11
Comment: The same walk as the entry dated 31st July.
The gatekeeper was in very poor condition.
Steve Smith
4 September Peacock, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell
Southport, Merseyside SD 36 19
Comment: Increase on sightings this year
Barbara Hughes
4 September 5x Red Admiral 1x cabbage (large/small) white Motherwell Cresent Southport Lancashire SD 345 175
Comment: very large bright Red Admirals small looking cabbage white on our budlia tree.better numbers this summer than last.
Andy Squires
3 September Small Tortoiseshell former Sand works at RSPB Marshside, Southport
SD 352 206
Comment: 7 newly-emerged individuals. Also saw 1 Peacock & 1 Speckled Wood
Margaret & John Gibson
2 September Brimstone Watergrove, Rochdale SD 906186
Comment: First for Rochdale?
Peter Lees
30 August Red Admiral

Bedford Moss, Lancashire SJ 686 975

Steven McLoughlin
28 August Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown

Pennington Flash, Leigh, Lancs SJ 644 995

Steven McLoughlin
27 August 14 peacocks,9 red admirals, 2 tortoiseshells and 7 small whites all in a period of ten minutes Large garden Formby /Southport SD 328 082
Comment: the butterfly were spotted by myself and a group of adults with learning disabilites who enjoyed the whole experience of looking out for butterflies
Carl Craven
25 August Red Underwing moth Arbour Lane, Standish near Wigan SD553102
Comment: Roosting in daytime on patio windows
John Gibson
19 August Small Tortoiseshell - 2, Common Blue - 20, Meadow Brown - 25, Gatekeeper - 10, Green-Veined White - 20, Peacock - 12, Wall Brown - 9 Perimeter of former sand winning plant, RSPB Marshside, Southport SD 353 206
Comment: Very encouraged to see the Wall Browns as they are getting extremely scarce were I live inland.
Steve Graham
18 August Red Underwing moth Adlington, Lancashire SD 60 13
Comment: seen on budlea bush in garden mid evening
Christine Holden
15 August Small Tortoiseshell(3),Peacock(20),Painted Lady(1),Comma(1),Red Admiral(3) Langho,Ribble Valley SD 703 343
Comment: Feeding on garden buddleia
Peter Eastham
14 August Common Blues, pair Gatekeepers, Wall Brown, Small Tortoiseshells, Peacocks, batch of Small Tortoiseshell larvae (c. 1 week) + adult larvae, 2 Red Admiral. larvae. Pilling coastal path SD 388 500
Comment: Sunny with strong breeze
James Hide
12 August Peacock - 10, Gatekeeper - 1, Red Admiral -1, Small White - 2 Lathom, Ormskirk: SD 433 094 Eileen Summers
12 August Several Brimstones, Peacocks, Speckled Wood. Also a single High Brown Fritillary nectaring on knapweed. Hawes Water, Silverdale SD 478 766 Michael Foley
10 August Several Grayling, Gatekeeper & a few Meadow Brown Cabin Hill & Ravenmeols Nature Reserves, Formby SD 27 05 Margaret & John Gibson
9 August Wall Borwick Close, Warton SD 502 725 Martin Elsworth
5 August Holly Blue Silverdale SD 47 75
Comment: Two males flying in vicinity of ivy-covered wall
Michael Foley
2 August Purple Hairstreak Tame Valley, Stockport SJ 905917 Steve Smith
1 August Holly Blue, Large White, Small White, Comma, Peacock Liverpool Anglican cathedral SJ 353 894
Comment: I saw about 20 holly blues on the ivy coverd ramps in the graveyard
H Macaulay
1 August 1 Hummingbird Hawkmoth, 1 Red Admiral ,
1 Common Blue(F)
Pimbo Garden Centre, UpHolland SD 508032 Margaret & John Gibson
31 July Small Tortoiseshell, Small White, Large White, Green Veined White, Small Copper, Small Skipper, Comma, Meadow Brown, Gatekeeper, Speckled Wood Bury SD 80-11-
Comment: Seen in a one hour stroll within half a mile and to the north of Bury town centre - interesting just what can be seen without venturing too far from an urban area.
Steve Smith
28 July Common Blue Princess Pit site Haydock SJ 557 970
Comment: saw a male blue on this favoured site long after they had gone. Could it be the first of a second brood. The site is teeming with gatekeepers.
George Anderton
25 July White Letter Hairstreak
Lytham Crematorium SD 28 35
Comment: On thistles
Ribble Bird Tours
24 July Meadow Brown , 2 Gatekeepers Jack Scout , Silverdale SD 458 737
Comment: Weather was still quite good at the time.
David Dodsworth
23 July White-letter Hairstreak, Comma, Peacock, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown, Small Skipper, Small White, Speckled Wood, Red Admiral, Small Tortoiseshell Scutchers Acres, Nr. Ormskirk SD 4530 1046
Comment: The Red Admiral and Small Tortoiseshell were actually the week before.
This was my first confirmation of Strymonidia w-album (White-letter Hairstreak) at this site.
John Watt
23 July Small Tortoiseshell, Red Admiral, Large White, Small White, Green Veined White, Comma, Speckled Wood, Meadow Brown, Small Skipper, Peacock, Gatekeeper, Humming Bird Hawk Moth Grimsargh Resevoirs, Nr. Preston SD 590 345
Comment: the first really warm day after all the heavy rain saw an explosion in butterflies especially Tortoiseshells. The butterflies listed where all seen in my back garden but the resevoirs banks where full of insects too, mainly on thistles. The humming bird hawk moth was on the honeysuckle, no Painted Ladies or Holly Blues though....
Andy Small
21 July White Letter Hairstreak
Lytham Crematorium SD 28 35
Comment: Also many Small Skipper, Gatekeeper, Meadow Brown and Common Blue as well as a few Comma, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell, Small White, Large White and Speckled Wood.
Ribble Bird Tours
21 July Small White, Green Veined White, Gatekeeper, Common Blue, Meadow Brown East of Parbold SD 5111 Graham Warne (Beds & Nthts Branch)
18 July White Letter Hairstreak Bradley Lane, Mersey Valley, Sale
SJ 783932
Comment: White Letter Hairstreak Hunt, an organised walk with Peter Hardy
Howard Macaulay & Peter Hardy
17 July Large White,Small White Green-Veined White,Gatekeeper,Meadow Brown,Small Tortoiseshell,Peacock,Small Skipper,Comma,Five-Spot Burnet,Purple Hairstreak Speke and Garston Coastal Reserve Liverpool SJ 412 827
Comment: the Purple Hairstreaks are in young oak trees to the north of the old airfield next to the reserve
Howard Macaulay
13 July Hummingbird Hawk-moth My back garden in front of grimsargh resevoirs SD 590 345
Comment: at 2 pm humming bird hawkmoth was observed on carnations in the rear garden first one seen in two years in the garden was active for over ten minutes
Andy Small
8 July

High Brown Fritillary

Dark Green Fritillary

I visited the meadow at Hawes Water today to see the Ringlet - recently noted by Steve Palmer and added to the sightings website. Whilst there not only did I see the Ringlet's but also at least 3 HB Fritillaries. A few week's ago I was on Ainsdale Nature Reserve and recorded the DG Fritillary. At both sites I took photographs (not my best) of the upperside and underside of both species and thought they may be of use for inclusion on the sightings page. The DG & HB are not easy to identify in the field without getting in close and particularly inspecting the underwing. For ID purposes, the red halo to the silvery spots can be seen in the underwing of the HB and also note how in comparing the upperwing photo's how much more rounded are the DG's forewings to the more angular HB.

Steve Smith
8 July Small Tortoiseshell Over Hulton, southern edge of Bolton
Grid_Ref: BL5
Comment: A diminutive specimen, no more than 30 – 32mm wingspan, has been around a Hebe in our rear garden all day. A normal size Small Tortoiseshell has been in our front garden this morning too, so it provided a reference comparison. I've never seen one of these diminutive specimens before. I presume it is an un usual occurrence.

(I imagine it was caused by larval under-nutrition. Peter Harvey)

A Geoffrey Mort
6 July Gatekeeper Princess Pit site Haydock SJ 557 970
Comment: First 2 - there will be lots more shortly on this site
George Anderton
30 June 6 Ringlet Hawes Water meadow SD477768 Steve Palmer
27 June 1 Dark Green Fritillary & 4 Small Skipper
Ainsdale NNR SD 298 109
Comment: West End Walk on edge of the woodland
John Gibson
27 June 1 Dark Green Fritillary, 1 Meadow Brown, 1 Small Skipper, 1 Speckled Wood, Small Skipper (pair & single) & Garden Tiger Moth catapillar Ainsdale NNR SD 304 113
Comment: Same location as my previous entry
John Gibson
25 June Dark Green Fritillary
Also 1 Large Skipper & 1 Red Admiral.
Ainsdale NNR (beginning of Pinfold Path) SD 304 113
Comment: 1,seen on Bramble flower at side of path close to Coastal Road at 6p.m.
John Gibson
20 June 10 Large Skippers, 1 faded Painted Lady, 1 Small Tort. & 1 Small Copper White Coppice SD 619 189
Comment: Skippers feeding on Bramble. All species alongside River Goyt close to cricket field.
John Gibson
19 June Meadow Brown Princess Pit site Haydock SJ 557 970
Comment: The first Meadow Brown of the summer
George Anderton
19 June High Brown Fritillary x2, Speckled Wood 10+, Northern Brown Argus x2, Large Skipper x5, Meadow Brown x2 Gait Barrows NNR SD 483 774 David Webster
18 June Approx. 2 dozen Large Skippers. Also, few Common Blues, 2 Meadow Brown & a peacock Amberswood Common, Hindley near Wigan SD 6004 JOHN GIBSON
18 June Small Pearl-bordered Fritillary,Dark Green Fritillary,Small Tortoiseshell,Brimstone,Small Skipper,Wall Warton Crag SD 49 72
Comment: all seen approx 3-4pm
17 June Small Heath These are to be seen in good numbers on the moorland around Littleborough and Norden SD 9515
Comment: In many places alongside Large Skippers
Richard Greenwood
17 June Painted Lady 2 Above Summit, Littleborough SD955185
Comment: They were together, not pristine and may have mated
Richard Greenwood
15 June Dark Green Fritillary Ainsdale NNR SD 29 11
Comment: Several seen and photographed around woodland margin.
Chris Ambrose
12 June Large Skipper Darcy Lever Gravel Pits, Bolton SD 74 07 Steve Smith
06 June Orange Tip Rochdale SD 896 149
Comment: Female orange tip
Catherine Fitton
4 June White Satin moth Ainsdale LNR SD 2912
Comment: Several dozen adults flying & resting, along with feeding caterpillars, cat. nests, coccoons & one emerging adult with wings still crumpled. After 5 p.m.
Also saw 4 Small Heaths.
04 June White-letter Hairstreak

Saltermire Bridge SD 519 751
Comment: Not an adult but a White-letter Hairstreak caterpillar. Spent an hour or so in total searching elms along the canal to be rewarded with one that was begining to pupate as it had turned brown. There are several excellent locations along the canal where I would expect it to be found given time and patience.
Ian Waller, Michelle Hunt
04 June Speckled Wood x2 Leyland SD 532 222 Karl Lucas
03 June Red Admiral Hattersley Estate, Hyde SJ 984944
Comment: Fresh condition - in too good a condition to have over-wintered.
Steve Smith
03 June Orange Tip East Lancs Road, Astley SJ695997GB Steven McLoughlin
03 June Orange Tip, 2 (Cabbage) Whites Coppul, nr Chorley SD 466 156 Karl Lucas
02 June Common Blue Rufford Canal, Rufford SD 466 156 Karl Lucas
30 May Small Heath x2, Small Copper x2, Orange Tip x5, Small White 10+, Peacock Just below West Summit Rochdale Canal SD947188 David Webster
27 May Common Blue Princess Pit site Haydock SJ 557 970
Comment: Counted into double figures
George Anderton
23 May Wall Brown 11, Common Blue 186, Large White 3, Green Veined White 3, Small Heath 17, Marsh Pug 1, Small Yellow Underwing 1. Fleetwood Nature Park SD334464
Comment: Some of the choicer areas within the park are I'm afraid off limits but all the species mentioned could be seen from the area open to the general public
Barry Dyson
21 May Small Heath (1), Orange Tip (m), Speckled Wood (several) Werneth Low Country Park, Tameside SJ 965935 Steve Smith
18 May 4 Duke of Burgundy, 3 Pearl-bordered Fritillary, 3 Peacock, 1 Orange Tip, 1 Green hairstreak, 4 Green-veined White, 8 Speckled Wood, 5 Dingy Skipper, 6 Brimstone - aslo several Speckled Yellow moths. Gait Barrows National Nature Reserve SD 4877
Comment: A beautiful reserve and well worth the trip down from my home in Newcastle upon Tyne.
Alan Davis
9 May 8 Green Hairstreak, 4 Peacock, 7 Green-veined White, 4 Speckled Wood Werneth Low Country Park, Tameside SJ 966 935
BC Moorland Walk with Phill Kinder
8 May 34 Green Hairstreaks, 5 Peacocks, 8 Green Veined White, 1 Orange Tip, 1 Small Copper. Burnt Edge, Winter Hill SD 668 125
BC Moorland Walk with Jill Mills
7 May Green Hairstreak 5 minutes from Nick of Pendle, heading towards summit Grid_Ref: SD 776 390
Comment: At least 3 butterflies dancing around each other, close to the ground.Took some clear photographs of one that settled on main path.
David Holden
4 May Small White - 2, Orange-tip - 2, Green Hairstreak - 19, Peacock - 7, Pearl-bordered Fritillary - 2, Speckled Wood - 6, Small Heath - 1, Speckled yellow - 2 Warton Crag RSPB SD 486 730 Richard Miller
3 May Pearl-bordered Fritillary Yealand Hall Allotment, Silverdale SD 492 762
Comment: A single,watched for almost a minute,nectaring on dandelion
Brian Hugo
27 April Painted Lady Werneth Low Country Park, Tameside SJ 965935
Comment: I was searching around the war memorial area for green hairstreak. Noted a strong flying butterfly in the same area on the 22nd but not clear enough for a positive ID. This sighting today most probably the same butterfly.
Steve Smith
24 April Orange Tip, Red Admiral, Small White, Large White, Speckled Wood, Green Veined White, Peacock Grimsargh Resevoirs, Nr. Preston SD 590 345
Comment: a really warm and sunny Saturday saw the gardens alive with dancing orange tips, over 10 at any one time.
Andy Small
21 April Peacock(12), Small Tortoiseshell(7), Green-veined White, Orange Tip (f)(2), Pearl Bordered Fritillay Gorse Hill Nat.Res., Halsall, Haskayne, Leeds/Liverpool canal. SD 384 088
Comment: P.B.frit moving along road verge but flew over without resting; all other considerations discounted!
James Hide
20 April Speckled Wood , Orange Tip (m) Haughton Dale LNR, Hyde SJ 94 93
Steve Smith
17 April Green Hairstreak

Ending Rake, Healey on Rochdale/Whitworth boundary SD884160
Comment: Three specimens, all very fresh, one by northbound path, two engaged in aerial gymnastics with a Peacock at face of very old, very small quarry north of track to Nar End. Wimberry and bramble present. Appx 700 feet asl.
Richard Greenwood
11 April Small White, Orange Tip (m), Comma, Peacock, Small Tortoiseshell Tame Valley, Stockport SJ 90 91 Steve Smith
11 April Green-veined WhitePhoto: Laura Sivell Downholland Moss, Formby SD3307
Comment: I spent several hours cycling around east Lancs. Countless Peacocks and good numbers of Small Tortoiseshell also seen.
Ian Waller
10 April Comma (2), Peacock Darcy Lever Area, Bolton SD 74 07 Steve Smith
10 April Brimstone Rainford SD 4700 Ian Waller
10 April Wall Brown Ainsdale SD 2910 Ian Waller
10 April Orange Underwing - Day flying mothLives on birch Trowbarrow Quarry, Silverdale SD 481 759 Jenny Elsworth
10 April Brimstone(2), Peacock(3) Trowbarrow Quarry, Silverdale SD 481 759 Martin Elsworth
9 April Holly Blue Alexandra Park, Crosby,Merseyside SJ 316 955 Pete Kinsella
9 April Comma Haughton Dale LNR, Hyde SJ 943 936 Steve Smith
4 April Small Tortoiseshell Ged's Gate, Warton Crag SD 496 724 Jenny Elsworth
3 April Brimstone(M) Shrimp roundabout, Morecambe SD 451 637 Brian Snell
27 March Speckled Wood My garden, Lancaster SD 475 632
First butterfly seen this year
Brian Snell
21 March Peacock Werneth Park, Oldham. SD914041 Steve Smith
13 March Brimstone Warton SD 5072 Jenny Elsworth
12 March Small Tortoiseshell Fulwood, Preston SD 513 333 Steve Palmer
10 March Small Tortoiseshell Garden behind Warton Main Street. SD 499 725 Jan Peacock
9 March Brimstone Garden behind Warton Main Street. SD 499 725 Jan Peacock


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