National Moth Night 2004 at Gait Barrows National Nature Reserve

Well, you can't win them all - it was a very cold night and in this part of the country at least, the moths stayed at home!

Laura Finds the first moth.
The first find
Barbara (seated) with her light trap and portable generator.
Barbara's light trap
Jenny tries to identify the first visitor to Barbara's trap.
What's this?
A plain white sheet with a light set in the middle makes a simple "trap".
The Sheet
A male Pale Tussock - Caliteara pudibunda, one of the few visitors on a very cold night.
Pale Tussock
A more elaborate sheet trap with egg cartons for visitors to hide under.
The main sheet trap
Everyone's got their books out - sometimes even the experts are unsure
Identifying another visitor.
Buff-tip - Phalera bucephala, this spectacular moth can disguise itself as a broken birch twig by holding its wings almost vertically along its body.