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Title Author
Action for Butterflies - Regional Action Plan - NW England
Action for Butterflies - Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary Barnett and Warren
Bird and Butterfly Mysteries Acworth Bernard
Bright Wings of Summer Measures David G
Butterflies and climate change Dennis Roger
Butterflies of Britain & Ireland Thomas J. ; Lewington R.
Butterflies of Cheshire Shaw Barry T
Butterflies of the World Preston-Mafham Rod & Ken
Butterflies on British and Irish Offshore Islands Dennis R.; Shreeve T.
Butterflies.caterpillars & chrysalides Moucha Josef
Butterfly Farmer Newman L Hugh
Caterpillars of the British Isles Porter Jim
Chequered Skipper Warren Martin
Cheshire Butterfly Recording Scheme - 1994 Shaw Barry T
Cheshire Butterfly Report 1995 Shaw Barry T
Cornwall Butterfly Atlas Wacher J.; Worth J.; Spalding A.
Create a Butterfly Garden Newman L Hugh
Field Guide - Butterflies of Britain & Europe Higgins and Riley
Focus on Nature Conservation - Chequered Skipper
Focus on Nature Conservation - Sand Dunes
Illustrated Encyclopedia of Butterflies & Moths Turner Dr B.
Living with Butterflies Newman L Hugh
Management of chalk grasslands for Butterflies.
Mediterranean Wildlife Raine Pete
Natural History of Moths Young Mark
Nature Atlas of Great Britain Ireland & Channel Isles Ordnance Survey
Nature Watch-Butterflies and Moths Pardon John
New Naturalist - Butterflies Ford E B
Photographing Butterflies & Other Insects Hicks Paul
Red Admiral - Hibernation & Migration Tucker Mike
Status of Small Pearl Bordered Fritillary in West Yorks Whitaker T.
Studying Insects - A practical guide Ford RLE
Temperature Regulating Strategies in Adult Butterflies Findlay J and R.